How To Stop Hair Growth on Chest

Growing chest hair is a natural thing, for males that is. Females, too, experience hair growth on their chest, but this rarely happens. People have different views regarding chest hair. Some think that having chest hair is sexy and appealing, while there are also other people who think that having it isn't that nice and pleasant, even embarrassing, as a matter of fact. Due to the different views of people, several ways of ridding chest hair were created, some long-term and others short-term.  If you want to stop hair growth on your chest, you’ll love the tips in this article.

  • Plucking. One of the few ways to get rid of chest hair is by plucking chest hair with the use of tweezers. This is convenient for those who only have less hair on their chest, particularly the women. But for the men, whose chest hairs are far too many to be plucked one by one, this method may be such a waste of their precious time.  Plucking hair is a painful experience, and if men do it, it would be agonizing on their part.
  • Shaving.  Another way to get rid of chest hair would be by shaving it off. Shaving with a razor would make things much easier since it can be done in a jiffy. The use of shaving cream is also helpful when this method is chosen since it would prevent you from suffering “razor burn” in the process. With shaving, hair is expected to grow back within 2 to 7 days. This will depend on the person's hair growth rate.
  • Waxing.  Aside from shaving, waxing is also another way to ward off chest hair. You can do it at home by yourself with the use of a kit or you can seek help of a pro. Through waxing, chest hair is pulled from the roots. This enables the person to be able to enjoy a hairless chest longer than what shaving can offer. But compared to shaving, this method is more painful.
  • Hair removal lotion. Application of lotions made for hair removal is also another way to get rid of chest hair. The chemical ingredients in the lotion eat and dissolve the hair on the surface of the skin. In using the lotion, you should test it on a small area of your skin first before applying it on the entire chest to see whether it would not have any harmful effects to your skin.
  • Hair removal by laser.  Another option available is laser hair removal.  Since this method removes hair permanently, this must be done when the hair is in its early stage of growth.
  • Electrolysis.  This is also claimed to be another hair removal method with permanent effects. In this method, the target is the killing of the hair follicle.  Just like in laser hair removal, the number of sessions would depend on the amount of hair that you have.

The methods stated above continue to be patronized these days by people who want to get rid of or stop their chest hair from growing. Thanks to technology, there are already different methods to get what you aim for: a hair-free chest.


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