How To Straighten Curly Bangs

Curly locks look great, but they can be such a hassle! Dealing with wavy or curly hair can be time-consuming, but it is a must if you're yearning for a straighter style. This guide will teach you the tricks to straightening curly bangs.

Step 1

Use the right shampoo.  You can jumpstart your efforts to straighten your curly bangs by using a fortifying shampoo. This type of shampoo is meant to strengthen your hair. And in the process of strengthening, it fills in and smooths rough sections, making your hair healthier and helping to control curl. (It's also great for those of you who use a blow dryer or straightening iron every day).

You can also find shampoos that are meant to specifically target curly hair. Look for products that claim to ‘tame curly hair'. (Don't buy the ones that will amplify your curls, or you'll be working against yourself!) Use a curl-taming shampoo every time you shampoo for best results. Start your daily hair routine with the proper shampoo and you'll have better luck straightening your curly bangs.

Step 2

Get your other hair out of the way. If it's your bangs you want to straighten, then get the rest of your hair out of the way. Use pins, a headband or sectioning clips to hold the rest of your hair back so that you are able to work with your bangs by themselves.

Step 3

Use straightening products. Increase your chances of getting the curl out of your bangs by using straightening products. A smoothing balm can be applied before you start styling your hair, and this will tone down your curls and prevent them from reappearing throughout the day. Use this in conjunction with a flat iron or a straightening iron, and you'll have straighter bangs.

Step 4

Use a straightening iron. This is probably the easiest way to straighten curly bangs. After you blow dry the rest of your hair, focus on your bangs. Using a hot straightening iron, drag the iron along your dry bangs and in the direction you intend to sweep them (if you're not letting them hang straight down). Never use an iron on wet hair! Try to get the straightening iron as close to your scalp as you can without burning your hair. And work quickly so that you don't singe your bangs either. Work with small chunks of your hair so that the iron can do its job quickly. Within a few minutes, you should be able to straighten your curly bangs with this method.


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