How To Stretch Tight Jeans

A good pair of denim jeans is considered a staple of any wardrobe. It is very likely that people from all walks of life have at least a pair of jeans in their closet. There is also a very high likelihood that each owner of a pair of jeans has found it difficult to put their jeans on at one time of another. If this ever happened to you, follow the following tips on how to stretch too tight denim jeans.

  1. Pull it up. Some denim fabrics shrink a little when put in the dryer. This makes it difficult to wear especially if you are wearing it fresh from the dryer. To make them fit, shake the denim to loosen the fabric a little. When you are putting it on, do not pull on the sides. Instead, pull it up from where it catches, which is usually at the front. Take a deep breath as you close the catch.
  2. Stretch the waist. If your pair of denim jeans fits tight on the waist area, take of the jeans. Grab the waistband with both of your hands. There should be at least 6 inches of space between your hands. Stretch the waist band to every direction. This will make the denim fabric pliant.
  3. Perform jean aerobics. Have you ever noticed that worn jeans are softer and comfier than newly laundered denim jeans? This is because wearing of the jeans earlier has softened the denim fabric. So, if your newly laundered jeans feels too tight, do some squats and lunges. This will help loosen the denim fabric and make the jeans more comfortable for you.
  4. Iron your jeans. It is too easy and convenient to take jeans straight from the dryer and wear them. However, if you cannot fit into your pair of jeans, take it off and iron it. Ironing flattens the waves and wrinkles in the denim fabric and makes it easier to put on. Try on the jeans while it is warm but not so warm that it might burn you.
  5. Spray your jeans with water. If after jean aerobics and ironing you still cannot put your jeans on, the best thing to do is to wet the denim fabric. To do this, you have to take off your jeans. Take a spray bottle and fill it with water mixed with liquid fabric conditioner. Spray this water and fabric softener solution on the top half of the jeans until that area is damp. Put on the jeans and do some jean aerobics to get a perfect fit.

Stretching your tight pair of denim jeans is easy.  However, you can prevent jeans from getting tight by following the washing labels of the jeans. Find out if the fabric is prone to shrinkage. If it is, follow the washing instructions to the letter. Usually, this means not putting jeans in the dryer. Just follow the instructions to ensure that you want have a difficult time putting the jeans on.


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