How To Strip a Relaxer from Hair

The hair is known to be a person's crowning glory. A lot of individuals, especially women, go through different kinds of hair styles, hair treatments, and hair products just to ensure they get the best style and product for the type of hair they have. Most of them spend hundreds, even thousands, of dollars just to achieve the perfect hair style.

Among the more popular treatments used today are hair relaxers. Hair relaxers are creams or lotions used mostly on curly hair to straighten or "relax" it, or make it less curly. The active agent of hair relaxers is usually a strong alkali which works by chemically straightening the hair's natural curls.

Hair relaxers are applied starting from the base of the hair all the way to the tip and, once applied, are usually permanent. If you have had your curly hair straightened through a relaxer and would like to have your natural curls back, here are some tips you can follow to strip the treatment from your hair.

Before doing anything to reverse the effects of your hair relaxer, consult with the stylist who gave you the treatment or, if you did the relaxing yourself, check the ingredients of the product you used. It is important to know what type of  relaxer you used and what the active ingredients are so that you can determine what products will and will not work with the relaxer. Sometimes, using products on top of the hair relaxer you already have may cause further damage to your hair and more problems for you.

The effects of some relaxers revert over time, so it might be best for you to just wait until its effects wear out. There are relaxers which are milder in formulation compared to others and would often show your curls again a few months after treatment. Instead of using curling products to get rid of your hair relaxer, wait for the effects of the relaxer to wear off and save your hair from further stress and damage.

Another thing you can do is to simply wait for your natural hair to grow. Luckily relaxers work only on areas where they are actually applied, which mean that they cannot permanently alter your hair type from within your scalp. Every few weeks or so, trim your relaxed hair until such a time when your natural curls dominate your hairstyle again and you can have the remaining few inches of relaxed hair cut off.

To ensure the health of both your relaxed hair and your natural hair, use hair care products well suited for your hair's needs. A good shampoo and conditioner will help keep your hair healthy, and a wide-toothed comb will help avoid hair breakage. Avoid ironing or blow drying too much as these can cause dryness to your hair and even brittleness.

Before undergoing any hair treatments, it is important to know the procedure you are putting your hair through and the type of products or chemicals that will be used. Often, treatments like hair relaxing are permanent and would require time for the effects to be reversed. Once you have undergone a permanent hair treatment, your best option is to wait until the effects of the chemicals wear off and your natural hair grows out again. Never attempt to cover up one treatment with another without consulting a hair care specialist as you may regret the outcome of such action.


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