How To Style Your Hair for a Night Out

Going to a party can be fun. But it will be more fun if you look fabulous and people will admire you. One of the ways to look fabulous will be the way your hair looks, since the hair is your crowning glory. It is the one that people usually notice first, aside from the clothes. Since the length and thickness of the hair is a big factor, you should know what to do with your hair in order to look fabulous.

Here are some ways on how you can style your hair for a night out:

  1. The best time to style your hair is when it is wet, usually after you took your bath or shower. Wet hair is more manageable and you can pretty much do anything with your hair when it is wet. Best of all, if you do not like the style that you tried, you can just comb it back and it will not get curly since it is wet. You can pat your hair using a towel to avoid water dripping all over your face from while styling. Just enough wetness of the hair will do. Part your hair depending on your hair line.
  2. If you have long hair and you want to make it straight, use a hair flat iron to do the job. Remember to dry your hair first before using the flat iron. Using it while your hair is still wet will greatly damage your hair. In fact, it can singe your hair. Turn on the hair flat iron before drying your hair so that after you finish drying it, you can proceed immediately with the flat iron. It saves much time that way.
  3. If you are using the flat iron to straighten your hair, it is best to divide your hair in parts so that all of hair will be ironed. This is especially advisable if you have thick hair. You can use a hair clamp in dividing your hair and start ironing from underneath which should be exposed after clamping your hair.
  4. If you want your hair to be more volumized, blow drying is the secret. Using a blow dryer and a roller brush, blow dry your hair by drying the hair underneath first. Do this by bending downwards and flipping your hair so that the hair underneath will be exposed. Doing this will also prevent fly away hair especially if your hair is shoulder length long.  
  5. If you want your hair to be curly and sexy for the night out, use a curling iron. Basically the same method applies for the curling iron: hair should be divided into sections. Make sure your hair is dry before using it since it is pretty much like a flat iron and hair can be damaged if it is not dry. Add a hair spray after curling your hair so that the curl will stay in place for the whole night. Do not add too much though since hair sprays can be heavy and it will make your hair limp if it is too much.

You can look fabulous for the night out with these tips and it will not even cost much since the materials needed, which are the basics, can be found in your home. Best of all, you can do it yourself.


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