How To Take Care of Your Hair

Do you not find it strange that some people have shiny and good-looking hair without having to go to salons or undergo chemical treatments? All kinds of hair are genetically healthy and shiny from the day a baby is born. Drying, hair fall, dandruff and the like is caused by external factors in your environment; e.g. the regularity of cleaning your hair, the enhancer treatments, use of shampoo and conditioner and the quality of your food intake. The food that you eat can significantly alter your hair condition. The kind of diet that you have depending on its nutrients contents or the lack thereof can make or break your hair.

There are over 100,000 strands of hair in your head. Your hair has natural sebum or simply put natural oil that is produced depending on the kind of lifestyle that you have. Sebum rather than curly ones covers a straight hair more. That is why people with curly hair cannot achieve the maximum shine as those who have straight hair using similar natural methods. The strength and shine of your hair would depend on the kind of care that you provide to it.

Here are simple yet proven ways to better take care of your hair.

Comb your hair only when it is dry. As each day of your life requires hurried steps, you tend to comb your hair while it is still wet. It is the most often sacrificed in your daily grooming. Combing your damp hair can severely damage the edges of your hair. Such damage can result to split ends and easy breakage. Also, do not blow dry your hair while it is completely wet. If you do not have the luxury of time, try washing your hair at night and blow dry in the morning. This can save you precious time and arrive well groomed in the office.

Use mild shampoo if you wash your hair regularly. Strong shampoos should only be used twice a week. These can cause dryness as it take away natural oils in your hair. If you need to wash your hair regularly, mild shampoos are relatively safer to use. You can also substitute conditioners every other day to ensure softness in your hair. Shampoo and conditioner have several types. Make sure to use one that is right for you. If your hair is only then buy shampoo for oily hair. If you have dandruff, ask a doctor to recommend an effective dandruff shampoo.

Undergo hair treatments with a one-year interval. Hair treatments have gone from very costly to relatively affordable nowadays. Going to a salon and getting a hair relax seem to be the best solution for your dry and brittle hair. Notice that most people who had their hair treated seem to need regular follow up treatments afterwards such as hot oil, hair spa and the like. Hair relaxers if left to non-professionals can prove to be a greater headache in the long run. Wrong mixtures or leaving the chemical longer than allowed can actually cause hair loss, irritations and sometimes, severe wounds.

Make sure that you consult with a professional or a reputable salon before going through the process of hair treatments. Different kinds of hair need different kind of treatment. It does not necessarily follow that your hair would look as beautiful as an officemate who underwent a particular hair treatment. Although the cost may relatively be higher, the long-term result would prove to be worthwhile.

It is often remarked that hair is the crown of beauty. The kind of hair that you present to other people is reflective of your self-importance. If your hair looks untidy and dirty, people will regard you as such. A clean and well-groomed hair can significantly influence your overall look.


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