How To Take Nicotine Stains Off Skin

Due to the nicotine present in a smoker's cigarettes, one can acquire yellow-hued stains which on the skin. Skin that is infected with nicotine can be a bother to any smoker and even those who have already given up the habit.

You will only need a few days or minutes, depending on the circumstances, to clear up that embarrassing yellowed skin that you have. Here are the tips on how to remove nicotine stains on your skin. Your friends may even think you've never laid hands on a cigarette after you do this.

  • Get a lemon to remove the nicotine stain. Slice it and take the outer part of the lemon. You can use either the outer part or the juice of the lemon to take off the stain. If you are using the juice of the lemon, squeeze it until it releases enough juice for scrubbing. If you have enough juice, add some table salt and mix it in with the juice. You need more salt because the mixture must be gritty before rubbing. You can also add pumice stone instead of table salt. 
  • Rub the skin which is infected by nicotine. When using the outer part of the lemon, scrub the outer part of the skin which has nicotine stains. Continue rubbing until you are soaked with lemon. If the stains are hard to clean up, get gloves and wear it in both hands. Get a pumice stone and begin rubbing the skin lightly to avoid damaging the skin and create open sores. If you are using the lemon juice with salt or pumice stone, rub the skin with your hands until the skin is soaked with lemon mixture. Both of these processes will take off the nicotine stains and the dead skin cells on the skin. 
  • After the rubbing and scrubbing, rinse it in running water. Remove the lemon on your skin. If the nicotine stains are still visible, repeat the following processes above to take off the nicotine stain completely. It may take a few days until you see the effect. After taking off the lemon, you can use a mild soap for cleaning.
  • A moisturizer after washing will keep your skin soft. It will also prevent the cracking and drying of the skin. This will help your skin become immune to nicotine stains. Always apply a moisturizer for you to maintain the skin that doesn't have stains.
  • Do not apply the previous tips on damaged skin. It hurts to apply lemon on damaged skin, so do not use the previous tips if your skin is damaged. They only apply to healthy skin which has been stained by nicotine. There is a different way to deal with the above condition. Use the internet to look up the various ways of treating damaged skin stained with nicotine. Also, rubbing the skin too hard may damage the skin. 

Taking off the nicotine stains is not that hard. It is because the remedies for this matter are found in the house or can be bought at the market or grocery store for a low price.


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