How To Tease Hair to Create a 1950s Hairstyle

The 1950s hairstyle has caught a lot of attention lately. This is because it not only gives you a celebrity look but it also provides great volume to your hair. Hence, in occasions that you wish to have a 1950s hairstyle, you must know how you tease your hair.

Basically, hair teasing is the simple art of brushing the hair up so that it can form a cushion in a natural way. Though this sounds easy, hair teasing must be done appropriately as mistakes in doing so can cause serious damage to the hair. So to help you in achieving this 1950s hairstyle of your choice, here are some tips you can consider when teasing your hair:

  1. Start by cleaning your hair properly. Before teasing your hair, you must not forget to wash and shampoo it nicely. This will give you a clean and neat base when doing this kind of hairstyle.
  2. Make sure to dry your hair. This is indeed one of the most important things in hair teasing that you must not forget. Since teasing wet hair can cause a lot of damage to your healthy hair strands, it is necessary to completely dry your hair before proceeding with the styling.
  3. Detangle your hair carefully. Prior to combing your hair up, you must work on detangling your hair. This will not only make hair teasing easier for you but this can also reduce the chances of hair breakage.
  4. Straighten your hair. Just before backcombing your hair, it is advised that you straighten your hair first. This process must be observed because it protects the hair cuticles in the long run. Though curling your hair before hair teasing can give out better results, it is best to do this step to maintain the good health of your hair.
  5. Identify the spots that you wish to tease. Separate this spot with a hair clip and then tie the remaining hair tresses so that they will not mess up with one another when teasing.
  6. Start combing your hair up. Get your rattail comb or, if you have any, a teasing brush. Then, grab one to two inches of hair and hold it straight up. Proceed on combing the strands in the direction that is opposite the hair growth. Continue repeating this combing process until such time that you reached your desired effect.
  7. Use hair spray for better results. If you happen to have a silky and smooth hair, it will be better if you use some hair spray to add texture to your hair.
  8. Style your teased hair. Now that teasing is done, you can dress your hair up depending on what style you wish to achieve. You can style your teased hair by simply using your comb or your hands. You can even add accessories to give out better results.

Indeed, you don’t need to go to the salon to get your desired 1950s hairstyle and bring back this great hairstyle with pride. Since you can do this anytime you wish, you can always fix your hair the 1950s way.


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