How To Tell If You'd Look Good With Short Hair

Ever wondered what you'd look like with cute bob? Without hacking off your lengthy locks, you can see if you'd look good with short hair. Save yourself the agony of a haircut gone wrong and try these methods to see what short hairstyle may be right for you.

Step 1

Think about your face shape. When you start thinking about going with a shorter hairstyle, you really need to consider the shape of your face. That's because short hairstyles don't look great with every face. Round faces don't look great with short hair, as they tend to plump up the face rather than elongate it. Look at other people who have the same face shape as you, or talk to your hairstylist about her opinion on a shorter style.

Step 2

Consider whether you want to show off your chin, jaw and shoulders. If you decide to go with a short haircut, remember that you'll no longer have the coverage that your long hair provided. Everything will be exposed. Do you like the looks of your chin, jaw and shoulders? You need to be comfortable showing off these areas of your upper body, since they'll be in plain view all the time with short hair.

Step 3

Think about your height. If you're taller than average, a short hair style may make you look too young and disproportionate. Women taller than 5'8" should not cut their hair any shorter than their chin lines. On the other hand, if you're petite, short hair will look great on you since it will suit your stature. Make sure you take your height into consideration when you're thinking about making the switch to short hair.

Step 4

Not if you've got curls, girls. If you've got curly hair now, just wait to see what happens if you chop it even shorter, ladies! Curly hair tends to do crazy things when it's cut too short. Professional stylists can do wonders with curly hair, but if you're just going to the average salon down the street, be wary of the results of cutting your curly hair short. You may look like a clown with curls headed in every direction. Shortening your hair adds volume to your already curly hair. Think twice before you go any shorter than your chin.

Step 5

It's fine if your hair is fine. You will probably look good with short hair if you've an average-sized woman with fine hair. Fine hair lays quite nicely when it's cut short, and tends to show off more of a style than longer cuts. A few layers, and your fine hair will look great short.

Step 6

Play around with your profile. If you still aren't sure whether you'd look good with short hair, take a picture of yourself. Then cut yourself out, and trim off your hair to the short length you were thinking about you. What do you think? You can also upload a picture of yourself into computer makeover programs, where you can experiment with all different types of hair colors and lengths. It's a great way to tell if you'd look good with short hair without having to actually cut it.


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