How To Tie a Scarf Butterfly Wrap

Woman wearing scarf

Using scarves is a beautiful way to add elegance to a woman’s outfit. It easily brings attention to the woman’s face in a simple yet understated way. There are many ways to wear a scarf, from a simple knot, to more complicated designs that cover even the head.

One of the many popular scarf styles is the butterfly wrap. It is named so because the fabric of the scarf is folded in such a way that it looks like a butterfly’s wings. It looks complicated but it’s actually simple to do. Here’s how to tie a scarf in a butterfly wrap.

  1. Select the scarf you will use. A big scarf is a good option so you have more fabric to work with. Choose colors and prints that will accentuate your skin tone or bring out the color of your eyes. Jewel tones are a popular option for a corporate attire, whereas soft floral patterns and colors are a good choice for a more casual look.
  2. Lay the square scarf down flat on an even surface. A bed is a good idea especially if you have a wide scarf.
  3. Fold a corner of the fabric towards the middle. The tip of the fabric should lay on about 3/4ths of the center scarf. Get the opposite end and repeat the process, so that the other tip lands on the flat end of the folded part of the scarf. You should now have two flat ends and two pointed ends.
  4. Get one side of the flat end of the scarf and fold it about half way. Get the opposite side and place it all the way over the flat part of the scarf. Fold the fabric lengthwise in half again. You should end up with a long piece about two to three inches wide. This is called the basic fold number 3.
  5. Drape the scarf around your neck, one side should be longer than the other. Cross the ends of the scarf in front of you so that the shorter side is over the longer side. Next, pull the shorter end in to make your initial loop that will go around the neck.
  6. Get the longer end and place it under the shorter end of the scarf then over the shorter end so that it goes back in through the loop.
  7. Get the longer side and pull it through as if you are creating a bow but only on one side. Imagine trying to tie a ribbon but you only gather one side so you have a one sided bow. That is the final result of the butterfly wrap in a scarf. For a picture reference, go to

That’s it! Check your look in the mirror and tighten it as needed. You may want to fluff it up a bit to accentuate the pattern on the fabric. Make sure the scarf is clean. Don’t worry about the creases since these will go away as the day progresses. Try it!


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