How To Tighten Loose Skin on Sagging Breasts

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A result of childbirth, weight loss, reduced muscle mass, poor health, nursing or simply aging, sagging breasts can affect any woman. Sagging breasts are caused by loose connective tissue, which may be cause by undernourished skin, milk gland reduction or inadequate breast support. And although large breasts can be very attractive, they are also the most vulnerable to sagging. While it may be realistic to accept that breasts are not meant to defy the force of gravity, they can still regain some of their original perkiness with the right treatment.

Here are some tips on how to tighten loose skin on sagging breasts:

Commit to a diet. Some food help regain elasticity, like pumpkin seeds and oatmeal. Drinking lots of water can also help improving skin tissue. And eating lean meat and other protein will provide the building blocks for chest tissue development. Avoid quick weight loss, which will result in excess skin and lead to further sagging.    

Rub moisturizer on your chest. Be wary, though: many products claim to tighten skin, but are really bogus. Look for consumer reviews online and on specialty magazines to find out which of the many products available in the market actually work. Follow directions on the label and apply regularly.

Wear a proper bra constantly. A well-fit bra will keep breasts from sagging much further, while an ill-fitting one will subject them to gravity and movement, a sure way to increase sag. Have a professional fit you, then only wear the bra size recommended. Athletes must provide extra support for their breasts as they are subjected to lots of movement and are prone to sag more.

Perform chest exercises. Since breasts are composed mainly of fat instead of muscle, exercising the chest cannot immediately impact their shape. However, strong chest muscles can accentuate the surrounding area and help tighten loose skin. Get some dumbbells and do several sets of dumbbell chest presses, dumbbell raise and side lateral raises. You can also do resistance training to form new muscle tissue for the skin to attach to. Consult a trainer for the proper way to lift weights that focuses on your chest muscles. Although it is harder, proper weight training will maximize the effect of each set.

Take up yoga and pilates. Many positions and exercises in these two workouts help strengthen the chest area.

Avoid sleeping on your side. Because many women sleep without their restrictive bras on, this position will expose the breasts to the effects of gravity. Sleeping on your back will let your breasts be supported by your body.

Go for surgery. A breast lift is a surgical treatment where excess skin is removed and tightened in the breast area. The nipples will also have to be repositioned to create a natural look. Corrective surgery may be expensive, but it can be the last option to tighten stubborn loose skin.

The best way to prevent sagging breasts is to start handling them properly at a young age. If you already have loose chest skin, however, it may be more practical to prevent further sagging with the right bra and exercise.


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