How To Touch Up Polish on Acrylic Nails Fast

Back in the ancient Egyptian civilization, manicured nails were always a trend. And when you are born with strong and healthy nails, you are born lucky. It was not until the end of Twentieth century that acrylic nails entered the world of fashion and was graciously embraced by ladies who are “not born lucky”. It is not just the length or nail strength that most women are craving for, but also the art itself. Sporting long, beautifully and uniquely designed nails is a dream of almost every woman.

Nevertheless, having acrylic nails still has its disadvantages. Beauty has a price, they say. First, it needs maintenance every two weeks, just like natural nails. However, ignoring your nails for quite some time is no biggie. But not taking care of your acrylic nails is a big deal because it can lead to nail fungus, lifting, breakage and skin reactions. You must not get the nails too wet for a long time so you have to wipe it dry every time it gets wet. Moreover, you have to sanitize if you think you need to. Swabbing your acrylic nails with alcohol beneath the tip and around the edges keeps off dirt and bacteria build-up. Experts also suggest that you should use anti-bacterial soap in washing your hands.

But no matter how you take care of your nails, there always comes a time when you need to retouch your nail polish due to dents or cracks. Follow the steps below to properly retouch your nail polish on acrylic nails.

  1. Using a very fine grit block buffer, slightly polish off the dents on your nail polish. You do not want to damage the surrounding nail polish, right? But if you are able to remove some of the nail polish, be sure to smooth it by gently buffing off the top coat.
  2. Gently buff around the cuticle area and after that, the tips of your nail polish.
  3. Once you have smoothed them, wash your nails.
  4. Wipe them dry.
  5. Now brush your nail with one coat of nail polish.
  6. Allow it to dry completely.
  7. Apply one top coat. Then you are done!

Retouching polish on acrylic nails takes too much fuss and can take too much of your time. However, applying only one coat of nail polish and only one top coat makes drying time faster. Knowing this can help you in an emergency, especially when you carelessly scraped your polish just before a party. Just be ready with your kit, though. You can apply oil once or twice a day to your nails to prevent them from drying, because they can easily chip or break. In case during the process of retouching, you accidentally split or break the acrylic nail, do not try to glue it back, unless you have the proper tool for it and you really know what you are doing. Keep in mind that not all glues are water resistant. It is better to have a nail technician fix your nails when this happens.


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