How To Treat a Hangnail

Oops, your hangnail pulled a thread out of your favorite dress again. You don't want to wait until your most expensive gown becomes ruined just because you don't want to deal with your hangnail as soon as possible. Having a hangnail, or that hardened dry skin near your nail, may not be a very serious problem. But having this can give you so much discomfort. And when neglected, that might lead to grave infection.

Dealing with your hangnail as early as now will help prevent further problems. Follow these simple steps when treating that hangnail:

  1. Prepare your things. You'll need nail clippers or nail scissors to remove the hangnail. Sterilize those things before using them just to make sure they are free from anything that can cause more nail problems like nail fungus. Soak these things in warm water with some drops of antiseptic alcohol for about 15 minutes. Wipe dry the thing using a clean cloth.
  2. Prepare your hands. You want your hand to be soft when removing hangnail. It will be very painful and tricky to remove the excess skin if your hands are dry. Washing your hands with warm and soapy water should already do the trick. Again, cloth-dry your hands before removing the hangnail.
  3. Remove that hangnail. Using a pair of nail clippers or nail scissors, remove that nasty hangnail as close as possible to your skin. You can feel the area where the hangnail was. If it feels hard, there must be some hangnail portion left on the area. Try to remove the hard skin you can feel until it's normally soft.
  4. Prevent infection. Whether you see blood or not on that spot, it is still better that you put antibiotic or antiseptic cream on the hangnail area. You don't want to take chances of getting a new nail issue. You can wrap a bandage or band-aid around the nail if there is obvious cut. But doing this is not really necessary unless the area is painful.

Now, you are worry-free about a hangnail that might ruin your dress or a hangnail that might develop into a worse nail condition. Your hangnail should be gone by now or maybe after a few days.

If you happen to develop another hangnail again, better not be tempted to pull that with your bare fingers. Do the steps stated above for safe and proper hangnail treatment. Pulling it off your finger might only cause a deep wound that might lead to more serious infection.

Treating the hangnail is not yet the end of your job. You should prevent having hangnails again.

Dry cuticles cause a hangnail. If you keep your hands and cuticles moisturized all the time, you also prevent them from drying. And so, you prevent hangnail from forming again. You can buy cuticle oil or use a regular hand cream that you can use as moisturizer. Keeping yourself hydrated will be very helpful, too.

Maintain the cleanliness of your nails and hands as well. You'll not only prevent hangnail and other nail infection by doing this. You'll also enjoy a more beautiful and healthier set of nails.


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