How To Treat a Sunburn

Summer is a perfect season to go outdoors. The only problem is, you might get sunburnt when you go outdoors. Worse, there are times that you can’t prevent having sunburns. Good thing, there are so many treatments and remedies to sunburn.

  1. Cold compress sunburn treatment. Soak your washcloth or small towel in cold water. You can also mix the cold water with some milk for more soothing effect. Then, apply the washcloth directly on the sunburn. You can also put a wet small towel or washcloth in the freezer. Let it in there for some minutes before applying it directly on the affected area. A cold shower is also helpful to ease painful sunburn.
  2. Hydrocortisone cream sunburn treatment. If you feel some itching on the sunburn-affected area, applying a hydrocortisone cream will be helpful. This is known to relieve itchy feeling associated with sunburn. The cream is also popular in calming pain and swelling caused by sunburn. Whatever hydrocortisone cream is fine but if you can find some with aloe in it, then it will be better. The aloe will give better soothing effect to the affected area.
  3. Aloe vera lotion sunburn treatment. Break off the aloe vera plant’s tip and squeeze off some gel from it. Apply that gel onto the sunburn. For future use, you can keep aloe vera gel in the refrigerator. You can also freeze some aloe vera and use that when sunburn strikes your skin.
  4. Apricot sunburn treatment. Get about three apricots. Peel these and mash. Then, apply on the affected area and leave that for about 15 minutes. Wash it off with some lukewarm water.
  5. Vinegar sunburn treatment. Fill your clean and empty spray bottle with your ordinary cooking vinegar. Spray some of the vinegar on the sunburn affected areas. Never spray on parts that are not affected with sunburn. Let the vinegar dry on your skin without patting it. The vinegar should be dry after five minutes or less. But if it’s not yet dried beyond 5 minutes, you can pat the dripping vinegar using a clean towel. Never rub the vinegar on the skin, just pat it lightly. Don’t wash off the vinegar and let it on your skin. Wear a comfortable cloth that will expose the sunburned areas since these need air. Don’t worry about the vinegar smell because it will just vanish after about one hour.

Your sunburn will be healed soon. To avoid future sunburn, you should follow certain rules like avoiding exposure to sun during the so-called peak hours. These are usually from 10am to 4pm. You can wear cover-up clothes if you need to be exposed during peak hours. Use wide hats, long sleeves, and pants.

Applying sunscreen is also helpful. Make sure though, that the sunscreen is at least with 30 SPF. Re-applying sunscreen every after two hours is advisable.

Aside from protecting your skin from sunburn, you should protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, too. Your lips should be protected as well by wearing lip balm with high SPF content.

Enjoying the sun will surely be more fun if you are not worrying about sunburn. Preventing getting sunburn is always better than trying to treat it. But if prevention is too late, remedy is always available. Simply choose which among the remedies will work best for you. 


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