How To Treat Dry Brittle Hair

Dry hair is brought about by two factors: the environment you move in and sebum production. Reduced humidity, cold climate, and wind exposure can dry your hair up to its roots. A conflict in your sebaceous gland can hamper hair oil production leaving your scalp barren.

Hair strength can decrease as more and more synthetic materials reach its core. Take a look and learn how to salvage your hair from total wreckage.

Change your hair habit
. Keep in mind that regular blow drying on short hair can destroy hair follicles. The warm air coming from this tool can make your crowning glory susceptible to breakage. Repair can be done by massaging your scalp with olive or coconut oil.

Give it a trim. When you have brittle hair the main conflict you have to face is split ends. You can make life easier by having a scheduled trim with one to two weeks interval. You should also make it a point to treat your threads to deep conditioning but remember not to go beyond your hair follicles.

Moisturize to your hair’s pleasure. Gather three essential oils in bay, lavender, and sandalwood. Get six drops of each and combine them with six ounces of flax seed, soy, or sesame oil. Be sure that the latter ingredient is prepared warm. The mixture should be placed on your scalp using cotton. Gain access by dividing your locks into one-inch sections. Allow for 15 minutes for oil to evenly distribute. Make sure to put a towel over your head. Shampoo then rinse accordingly.

Embrace a sebum-like treatment. Jojoba is an extract that comes from shrubs native to Western US. Its composition makes it a prime substitute for the moisturizing and hydrating capacities of natural hair oil. It can be found in products that can strengthen and cleanse your hair.

Reinforce your hair with nutrients. Dryness has been associated with the absence of essential vitamins. Bring both iron and zinc supplements into the scene to revitalize your dormant hair follicles. Look for products that contain a pair of protein active ingredients. Rice protein goes to work by moving into the shaft all the way up to your follicle’s bulb and root. End-result will be a rebuilding process that leaves your hair with a new found glory. Corn protein targets the follicle by putting additional coating leaving your hair with added luster and shine.

A nice warm treat for your hair. Nettles can give you quite a sting in its plant form but with the right method you can utilize its benefits. In this case you need to come up with a hair tonic. Prepare ten cups of water and simmer it along with nettle leaves. Allow some time after the preparation has boiled. Tonic should be lukewarm before you can utilize it. Perform washing while ensuring that the scalp is massaged accordingly. This will aid in enhancing circulation thereby uplifting oil production. Your hair will have a nice glowing finish.

Have heat insurance
. Make it a point to put extra protection such as heat-protecting and repair cream before exposing your precious threads to heat based styling gadgets. The ends are the specific spots for application.

Moderation is an important concept when planning to go bold with hair styling and treatment. Make sure to go with products and methods that your hair can handle.


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