How To Treat Soft Corns

Soft corns are thick skin formations that generally occur on or in between your toes. They are formed from restrictive shoes that press the toes together. This restriction creates friction and together with moisture provides an environment for soft corns to develop. This irritation causes the toes to swell and becomes painful when touched and if left untreated could lead to ulcerations.

If you are experiencing this now don't fret as there are many ways on how to treat soft corns. Here are some of the things you could do for your treatment regime.

  • Medications. There are available medications in the market specifically for soft corns. They may come in different forms such as powders, astringents or even creams. Antibiotics and pain relievers on the other hand may require prescription from doctors.
  • Medicated powder. Apply them in between your toes to help maintain the dryness. This prevents further moisture and development of soft corns. Repetition of application may vary depending on brand.
  • Astringents. Use cotton swabs and apply the astringent in your toes. Swipe gently in between and let it dry. This may vary per doctor's advice but is generally used for its decreasing sweat effects.
  • Creams. Apply an ample amount within the affected area with clean hands. These are usually used after brushing your feet to prevent irritation and promote healing.
  • Antibiotics and pain relievers. You can also opt to see a doctor and seek advice for these prescriptions.
  • Shoe factor. As mentioned tight shoes create a favorable environment for soft corns to develop. For starters you might want to consider changing your shoes. It should at least have an allowance of half an inch at the front of your shoe. Be sure that it has ample toe space, soft but not ill fitting when you walk. Provide extra cushion in the heels and balls of the sole if necessary.
  • Socks and stockings. One thing you could also do to treat corns is to stop wearing tight socks and stockings. They tend to restrict your shoe space and promote moisture. Having moisture between toes promote the breakdown of skin and further development of infections. To avoid this you can wear cotton socks as it absorbs moisture and perspiration.
  • Padded insoles. Placing padded insole in between the toes helps lessen the pressure. This prevents further friction and sweat that aggravates corn formation. These protective wedges or pads may be made from lamb's wool or even foam rubber materials.
  • Surgical intervention. If your soft corns are recurring despite the alternatives, it's best to talk to your doctor. A podiatrist specializes on this case and may recommend removing it surgically. The procedure is an out-patient based surgery that is done with local anesthesia and few stitches.

Be sure to keep check any untoward development in your toes. Remember that it's always best to prevent any disease at an early stage. Proper foot care and knowledge can prevent relapses of soft corn formation. But for now you can walk with ease free from your soft corns.


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