Treating Thick Discolored Toenails: Nail Care for Healthy Nails

Learn About Toenail Problems and How To Get Rid of a Fungus

cleaning the toenails

Summer is finally here, and that means two things:  sunburns and skimpy sandals. Most people have neglected their toenails during winter and so it's time to provide nail care for healthy nails once again. Before you step out in your favorite pair of thong sandals, take a look down, and check out your toenails. If they are thick, and discolored you may want to try the following steps to make your toes ready for the heat.

The first step is to determine why you need to treat in the first place.  The main reason is generally a fungal infection.  This occurs when your feet are exposed to moisture and bacteria that is found pools or public showers.  A less common reason may be an infection or some other trauma.  If this is the case, then you should consult a podiatrist before utilizing any at home treatments.  If you feel that it is a fungal infection, than go ahead and remedy the situation yourself.

Next, you’ll want to begin the actual treatment.  Soak your infected toes in bath of mild soap and water for about 30 minutes.  This will help soften the nails, making them easier to cut and manage.  Before you begin using any instruments on your feet, make sure they are clean.  If needed, soak them in rubbing alcohol to ensure they are bacteria free. It all begins with cleanliness.

Now, the next step in your treatment is to grab your nail clippers and cut the infected nail straight across.  Take a cotton swab and begin to clean out the corners of the nail.  Throw this piece of cotton away, and take out another to clean underneath the nail.   This is the point where you’ll actually begin to treat your infection.  To do this, you’ll need something that will kill the fungus.  There are many choices, it just depends on what you have handy, or what you are willing to buy.  You can use anything from beer to over the counter anti-fungal creams to accomplish this.

You may need to clean and reapply the anti-fungal treatment a few times to achieve any results.  The key to treating your thick, discolored toe nails is persistence, and keeping your feet as dry as possible.  If needed, skip the sandals all together, and wear socks and shoes.  There are many powders available for purchase that will help keep your feet dry, and fungus free. 

Now that your toenails are ready to be shown off because problems are solved, all you need to complete your perfect summer look is a pedicure, and maybe another new pair of sandals!


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