How To Trim Arm Hair

Also known as androgenic hair in the scientific world, the body hair starts to occur and develop during and after the stage of puberty on the following areas: head, chest, underarm, abdominal, leg, pubic and finally, the arm. It is called androgenic mainly because it refers to the male hormones called androgens that cause hair to grow more heavily in some areas. This explains why men are hairier than women. Arm hair usually grows on your forearms but very rarely found in the elbow areas. Most guys experience longer hair growth and some opt for a neater and cleaner look by trimming it. This process is also perfect for all individuals who perspire heavily. Even girls cut their arm hair. Some even shave it! In fact, the process of trimming a person’s body hair is actually a cultural thing for some tribes. So do not be shy or even hesitate if you want to minimize the growth of your arm hair by cutting it. Nowadays, it is completely normal for men and women of all ages. Read on to learn more about how to properly trim it.

  • Moisturize. Start by putting a generous amount of lotion on your arms. Concentrate on the part that has more hair. This will make your trimming session easier and faster.
  • Comb and snip. Get a comb with really fine teeth. Start combing your arm hair upwards. You will see hairs that are a bit longer than the rest. Quickly cut it and move on to the next part. Make sure that you use small scissors when you are doing this.
  • Try hair cream removal. Another option that you can do is to apply hair cream removal. However, it is very important that you read the instruction manual first. To further ensure that you are not allergic, try a small amount of cream on your wrist. Wait for a couple of minutes and then wipe it off. If you see some red marks and if you feel a burning or stinging sensation, do not apply the hair removal cream.
  • Use a razor. Using a razor is a great idea as well. You really do not have to necessarily shave it all off. Just swipe it off in a sweeping gesture to quickly thin out the hair on your arms. Be very careful when you are doing this and it is very important that your arms are completely moisturized. The lesser the friction, the better. If your skin is dry, shaving it with a razor can be a bit painful.

These are the things that you need to do to effectively trim your arm hair. Just follow these very simple steps to achieve a painless trimming at all times. It is very important that you use a sharp pair of scissors when cutting it. Using blunt scissors might crimp and pinch your skin and hair. That can be very painful and can cause bleeding and open wounds if you are not too careful. Always take your time and do the trimming very slowly. Good luck!


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