How To Trim Nostril Hair

Few things are as embarrassing as wondering why an individual has stopped their conversation only to find out that they are staring intently at a very long nostril hair protruding from your nose.  Although removing nasal hair can seem to be incredibly difficult and painful, there are easy ways to trim nostril hair.

There are many products on the market designed specifically for trimming nostril hair and other unsightly hairy places, so one option is to purchase a trimmer.  Many of the trimmers are battery powered, but some are electric as well.  As a result, these items should never be used while in the shower or electrocution or other injuries could occur.  When looking to purchase a nose hair trimmer, the best design to look for is one that includes a rotating blade surrounded by a round guard piece.  The trimmer inserts into the nostril and then the spinning blade is activated.  This process allows the hair to be cut quickly and painlessly, and yet it is still done safely as the sharp edges are completely protected.

Some individuals choose to use the end of a pair of scissors, but this is not recommended as it can cause serious injury to the interior nasal passages.  Sticking any sharp objects inside the nose should be avoided as it can have undesirable effects and result in significant pain.  For an individual seeking to do it cost effectively, there are other ways that are much safer than resorting to scissors.

Another option that is about as foolish as scissors, is attempting to singe the nasal hair.  Trimming the nostril hair in such a manner could also cause significant injury, and sticking a heated instrument into the nasal passages should be a method reserved for professionals with laser equipment.  Electrolysis is an option and involves the removal of unwanted hair by laser, but it must be done by a professional in a sterile environment.

One of the most effective ways to rid oneself of nostril hair is to pluck each individual strand out with tweezers.  Although it may be slightly uncomfortable, this is considered to be one of the longest lasting methods and can be safely done while looking in the mirror.

Whether it is a chronic problem or something that occurs only once in awhile, there are many different ways to trim nostril hair.  No matter how a person chooses to do it, trimming nose hair is an important part of personal hygiene.


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