How To Trim the Back of Your Neck

A clean neck is essential for maintaining a presentable look for your professional and social life. Here's how to trim the back of your neck in eight easy steps:

Step 1 - Gather your tools. Make sure that you have all of the necessary tools for trimming the back of your neck. These tools include a comb, a large mirror, a hand-held mirror and trimmers. Make sure that before you begin trimming your neck, you've set all of these things out beside you. This will make it easy for you to trim your neck without any unnecessary interruptions or distractions.

Step 2 - Clear the view. Before you begin trimming any of your hair, make sure that all of your clothing is neatly tucked away. You want to be sure that you don't have anything blocking the view, so you can properly trim the back of your neck.

Step 3 - Keep it clean. You can grab a towel or any other cloth and drape it completely around your neck area so that it catches any hair which falls once you start trimming the back of your neck.

Step 4 - Use a mirror. Make sure you have a large mirror behind you so that you can accurately trim the back of your neck job and not be blind.

Step 5 - Hold the clippers properly. Hold your clippers in an upside-down position. If the clippers are electric, this usually will mean that the power cord is facing upward.

Step 6 - Use a handheld mirror. You will use a second, handheld mirror so that you are able to see the back of your neck in the larger mirror behind you as you trim your hair.

Step 7 - Look at your neck. Before trimming, take a look at your neck with the handheld mirror so that you can determine exactly which hair needs to be trimmed.

Step 8 - Begin trimming. Now you are ready to begin trimming the back of your neck. Take your time and be patient as you remove the hair from the back of you neck.

Extra tip
- Trimming the back of your neck is difficult at first, so make sure that you take your time and work carefully. If possible, get someone to help you by standing beside you. They can monitor and advise you during your first time and help if necessary. The whole process should take only 5-10 minutes to complete.


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