Trimming Your Own Hair: Tips for Haircutting

Learn How To Cut Hair and Look Like You’ve Had It Done in a Salon

With the economic crush many are feeling, you may be tempted to cut corners by saving on personal maintenance. Although it’s possible to save this way, you will need some help. If you want to self style, these instructions provide the basics.

  1. Shampoo and condition. It is easier to cut hair that is clean and wet. Using conditioner will also help you comb the hair into sections when necessary.
  2. Remove excess water with a towel. When preparing, do not rub or try to dry the hair. You want it wet but not dripping. If it dries quickly you may need to re-wet it during the process. If you cut some sections when wet and others when dry you are more likely to have an uneven cut.
  3. Comb into sections. Try for smaller sections so you won’t be overwhelmed by the task of trimming the hair. The basic sections should be at minimum front top, each side, back top and back bottom. If your hair is layered then you need to divide sections for each of the layers.
  4. Secure sections with clips. You will need to focus on one section at a time so get the section not being cut out of your way.
  5. Start small. Start on one side of your face. Use the comb to separate an amount that when flattened between your fingers, is less than 2” wide and thin enough to see the spaces between the hair.
  6. Follow the current style. You want to use your present style and cut as your template. Try to trim the same length off of each area – whether you want a short trim of ¼” or shooting for a ½” or more – be consistent throughout the style. This means watching for layers as well.
  7. Pull it between your first and middle finger until you near the end of the strands. If you are trimming ¼” then pull through until that much hair is visible on the cutting side of your hand.
  8. Cut using your fingers as a guide. Slowly start to trim,  being sure that you have a firm hold between your fingers. If you slip or angle the hold, you will have an uneven trim.
  9. Repeat cuts throughout all the sections. Try to be patient. Trimming is time consuming. Work your way around your style.
  10. Dry and style as normal. Once dry, any stragglers or uneven sections will become visible.
  11. Enjoy your freshened style. Trimming the dead weight off the ends of your hair can leave your style refreshed and lighter. Let your hair swing and go out to enjoy your trimmed ‘do.

Cutting hair can be easy if you have a steady hand with the scissors and are willing to work at it. It is possible, but it takes patience and practice.


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