How To Tuck Your Shirt into Your Pants

Thinking about the best way to do something that you do everyday?  Tucking your shirt into your pants is easy, but there are ways to achieve the perfect tuck.  Here are some tips:

  • Choose your shirt wisely.  If you have a long shirt, don’t bother tucking it in because the extra length would bunch up and make you look awkward.  If it’s too short, you might not be able to tuck it in.  If it has a design that would be covered by your pants when you tuck it in, then just let it hang as it is.   
  • Make sure that your shirt is neat before you tuck it.  After all, you tuck your shirt into your pants to look good right?  Your shirt must be ironed, and it must fit you well.  Iron your pants as well, and if your pants are a little bit loose, you will need a belt that matches your outfit.  Wear a shirt that matches your pants, and a belt that coordinates with both of them.
  • Wear your shirt before wearing your pants.  This way, your shirt will stay in place before putting your pants over it.  Now pull on your pants, making sure your shirt hangs right. If your shirt has buttons, then align it with the center of your pants to make it look tidy. 
  • Make folds on the sides of your shirt.  You could do this by pressing one side of your shirt and folding the excess cloth.  Do this on the other side also.  This would keep your shirt from being misaligned and bunched up.  If your shirt keeps on doing so, you might have worn a shirt that is too large for you.   
  • Zip and button your pants.  Put on your belt, making sure that the shirt remains tidy.  Some people prefer to tuck their shirt into their underwear because they say it will make the shirt more secure.  Others say that it helps keep them warm.  The danger of this is that your underwear might end up higher than your pants, and this might get noticed.  However, it is a matter of preference. 
  • Raise your arms.  As you do so, your shirt will rise up, and it will hang out.  Take the cloth and fold it down neatly; however, take care that you don’t pull too much or the ends of your shirt will go outside your pants.  If you do it properly, you’ll have about at least an inch of your shirt hanging down from your waistline.  This will allow for freedom of movement while making you look smart at the same time.

If your shirt moves out of place because of vigorous movement, you could repeat the steps again.  Or if you prefer, you could use double-sided tape. Just make sure the tape is fabric friendly and that it wouldn’t show.

Tucking your shirt may be tedious at first, but when you get the hang of it, you would find that looking good will be easier to do.  After all, looking good everyday is fun enough to deserve constant practice.


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