How To Turn Pierced Earrings into Clip-0ns

If you belong to the unfortunate group of people who develop keloidal scars, you can still wear your choice of earrings without the hassle of piercing. All you have to do is to give extra patience and some touch of creativity. You can now actually convert pierced earrings into clip-ons without anyone noticing it. You do not even have to feel shy about wearing them because they are now becoming a phenomenon of adornment these days. Here are some helpful ways for which you can modify pierced earrings:

  • Visit a jewelry and craft store within the vicinity. Ideally, they have a walkway display of jewelry, craft kits and supplies. You can also buy clip-on backs and other accessories for transforming dangling earrings into easy clip-ons.
  • Remember that earrings with a hole above the decorative portion are the best ones to undergo conversions. Use a pair of pliers or scissors to cut off the pierced earring part and all you have to leave is the top circle and, of course, the decorative portion.
  • You will need a set of fishhook earring converters, which can be purchased for less at any arts and crafts store.
  • Use a clip-on converter. It is composed of a tiny tube on the flexible joint found at the back. However, this handy item can be used on bigger earrings, in order to stay well hidden and unnoticed. It is good if your clip-on converter has a small extra loop in front to give a more evident makeover to your dangle earring.
  • For dangling earrings, try out clip-on converters that have a tiny extra ring in front. There are pliers that are especially structured for crafts. You will need a small one. Carefully snip the ring apart, and then place the fancy décor from earring on it. Do not forget to close the hoop so that the earring won’t easily slip off in the long run. You can also loosen a part of the earring converter, simply opening enough space to slide the circle of your new earring on, just in case you choose to make some adjustments.
  • It would be nice to acquire a “hoop” clip-on earring. There are online sources for this accessory. Made out of metal, it is a slim hoop that can accommodate a variety of charms and can wonderfully display a deceivingly pierced appearance. You can actually take full advantage of it because you can personalize it easily with just a color that will match your get-up.
  • You can even purchase an adhesive clip-on converter. You will have to secure a clip-on back, making sure to put in place a detachable tab.
  • Try converting metal pierced earrings into magnetic ones. Simply convert them by adding a magnetic clip-on to its back. You can source out these fabulous online.

Most people who do not have pierced ears now proffer clip-on ear jewelries. They are a superior preference for health-conscious people who shun the possibilities of skin infection, irritation to nickel-based earrings and accidental widening of the earlobe tear. You can wear them confidently anytime as long you did your job well.


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