How To Turn Thin Hair into Thick and Sexy Bed-Head

Do you have a personal issue with your hair? Do you complain about how it gets thin and flat after taking shower? And because your hair gets thin and flat, it reveals your ears – right straight through the sides! Have you tried numerous hair styling techniques and hair styling products over time yet your hair seems to be uncooperative in letting you achieve the look that you want? Well, stop feeling sorry about yourself. Take control of the situation. Here are some practical ways to turn your thin hair into thick and sexy bed head:

  • Prepare your own hair mask – homemade. A hair mask is nice. It doesn’t just repair any hair damage, like the irritating split ends, but it also makes your hair look a lot fuller and healthier. So, how do you make your hair mask? Get an egg, milk (about a tablespoon), and honey (about a tablespoon). Mix them evenly. Voila! Your hair mask is ready. Apply it to your hair. It is going to be wonderful if you can let it set in between 30 and 60 minutes. That is enough time for your hair mask to deliver great results.
  • Shampoo and condition your hair. But this time, do it differently. Look for a shampoo that is specifically formulated for those with thin hair. Use it and then, when you condition, just concentrate on your hair ends. Afterwards, rinse your hair thoroughly and get a beer. Yes, you read it right. You need a beer. Pour it over your head. Make sure to evenly saturate your hair’s entire length. This is hairstyling at its best. The beer is going to seal your hair cuticle. It is also going afford your hair the added shine. Don’t get surprised that top models do this to make their hair manageable.
  • Use special hair products. Ready? Here is what you need to do. Use a towel to dry your hair. While still damp, apply, from its roots throughout its length, some setting Lotion and thickening cream. Then, massage into your scalp some volumizing gel. Seal the ends of your hair with a tinge of spray-on laminator. It is also going to protect your hair from the damaging heat. After combing, blow dry your hair. Your head should be held upside down while you are doing it. Using your fingers, shake your hair and style it the way you want it.

These three hairstyling techniques should be able to give you the edge in achieving the hairstyle that you dream about. If you have the extra budget, you may consider meeting a hair stylist. Perhaps, a hair professional is in the best position to give you the best look for your hair type. Even though the tedious efforts involved in making your hair thick is worthwhile, perhaps, you can experience better by highlighting what is already natural to you. You can give it a try. There is really nothing to lose.


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