How To Twist in a Nose Ring

Across ages, having body piercing has changed in definition. From declaration of status in a society to today's expression of oneself, adult and youth alike have experimented on different styles that they can imagine with body piercing. Enter nose rings. The nose ring is a simple article of jewelry that one can easily have pierced. Unlike other piercings such as navel rings, tongue rings and nipple rings, the nose ring probably causes minimal pain. The reason for this is that, like the ear, it has a soft and easily pierced skin that can accommodate the sharp point of the ring.

Also because of its exotic style reminiscent of many tribal status piercings, the nose ring entices many to try to get themselves pierced. Twisting in a nose ring is actually easy. You can do it by yourself without having to consult professional help. The following steps will help you twist yourself your own nose ring. Though the steps may prove to be easy, you still need to be cautious in going about the process.

  • The part where you are going to stick the nose ring needs cleaning first. You need to cleanse it with elements that might cause you infection once the nose ring is set. You may need to lather the area with anti-bacterial soap or any facial cleanser that rids you of oil and other infectious agents. The body piercing shop may even provide you a cleaner that you can use. After cleansing your face, wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Dry your face with a clean towel and proceed with the piercing. Do this by placing the surface of your thumb inside the nostril you are going to pierce. This in turn would widen the hole in which you are to insert the piercing to accommodate the nose ring easily.
  • Be ready to pierce yourself. Get a mirror, as you need to see the next process as you perform it. You have to insert the sharp end of the nose stud screw. After this, gently turn the screw clockwise while pushing it into the flesh. To some, wetting the nose can make the process smoother. The water lubricates the skin and slides in the screw. Continue turning until such a time, you feel you can do it without having to support the flesh with your thumb. Continue turning until the screw completely penetrates.
  • Detach the two ends of the jewelry to form the ring. Do this with your pliers. You may need to sterilize it first to avoid infection. Then, with gentle force, push an end of the nose ring up to the time that you feel that the ring goes through. With your fingers, squeeze the ends of the ring to close them.
  • Let the piercing be. Leave the piercing for some time; say a week, so that the hole that you have created on your skin will not close immediately.

Having a nose piercing might prove that you have style and self-expression, but you may need to be careful with the process. Be wary of any unpleasant incidences while performing the piercing, so it is always good to consult someone who has greater authority. However, provided you follow all the steps with care, you would achieve piercing your own nose without having to worry about any accidents.


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