How To Understand your Contact Lens Base Curve Measurement

Using soft contact lens

The base curve measurement is used to determine the right size of contact lens you should buy. The base curve is the size of contact lens that is the right fit for your cornea. Knowing this is crucial so that you will be able to get the right type of contact lens for you. Not having the right contact lens measurement may irritate your eyes and may cause more eye problems for you.

Your eye doctor gives the base curve measurement in a prescription. Most times, you will want to buy contact lenses online so that you won’t have to waste energy and gas going to the eyeglass store. You can purchase soft contact lenses online as long as you know your base curve measurement and you have your prescription with you.

Here are some tips on how to understand your base curve measurement based on your prescription:

  • Right and Left Eye. First, you have to determine the measurements for your right and left eye. The abbreviations that you must look for on your prescription are OD and OS. The measurements under OD or Ocular Dexter are for your right eye and the measurements under OS or Ocular Sinister are for your left eye. In some prescriptions, RE is used for the right eye and LE is used for the left eye.
  • Base Curve. The base wear curve is also already indicated on the prescription. You will have to find the BC or BCR column. BC is for base curve and BCR is used for base curve radius. Look under this column to determine the base curve size that is right for your cornea. By knowing your base contact lens curve size, you will be able to buy the right contact lenses.
  • Soft Lens and Hard Lens. There are two types of contact lenses that you can purchase. The first one is the soft contact lens and the second one is the hard contact lens. It is better to get the soft type of contact lenses because it is not rigid and can follow the contour or curve of your eyeball. For hard contact lenses, the base curve must be as accurate as possible because this type is not as flexible. If you do not get an accurate reading of your base lens curve, you may end up with a lens of the wrong size, which will irritate your eye. 
  • Base Curve Size. The base curve is measured in millimeters. This is the number on the prescription that is typically between 8 and 10 mm. Some brands of soft contact lenses are usually sold with only one size, while hard contact lenses come in different sizes.

These are some of the details that you can use to understand the base curve of your contact lens. Contact lenses come in different sizes, brands and even colors. You can choose from an assortment of base colors so that you will have different colored eyes. Some people even use aesthetic contact lenses to use for costume parties and other events. 


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