How To Use a Diffuser to Straighten Hair

Since a diffuser attachment does not blow heat directly to the hair, women tend to use it whether they have curly or straight hair. Diffusers are used in order to manage your hair easily and prevent further damage. Check out these steps for you to get that beautiful hair with the use of a diffuser. 

  • Caring for your hair sometimes stresses you out since choosing the right hair care products can be confusing. However, you can get the right product for your hair easily. All you have to do is to determine your hair type. Hair care products are available in the market for various hair types, like dry, oily, and the like. 
  • Bathe your hair as usual. Use shampoo and conditioner that can add volume and does not dry your hair. If you have oily hair, apply the conditioner on the bottom part of your hair. Avoid applying the conditioner on your roots.
  • Use a clean towel to remove excess water in your entire hair carefully. Do not rub or squeeze your hair when damping for you to maintain its smoothness. This will make your hair silkier when you dry it using the diffuser attachment.  
  • Apply a straightening product onto your hair. Divide your damp hair into sections with the use of a wide toothed comb. Make sure each section comprises small bands of hair. You can clip each section using hair clamps or hair pins to prevent it from disbanding. Parting your hair into sections can help you work with one section at time to achieve optimum results.
  • With the use of your round brush, coil the section of your hair carefully. Attach the diffuser and turn on your hair dryer in the lowest speed. In order to achieve more volume for your straight hair, hold the dryer on top of your head creating a 90- degree position. As you gradually move the brush away from the roots, drag it downward while pointing the diffuser as it follows the direction of your hair. As you do this, focus on the end of your hair by holding it for a few seconds. Always move your dryer in the same direction. Repeat this for a few times until your hair is dried completely. Keep on doing the procedure until you finish all the sections of your hair. Make sure that your hair has entirely and completely dried up.
  • After diffusing your hair, turn your hair upside down and blow dry it once again for a few minutes, this time to add more volume to your hair. Brush your hair downward while moving your diffuser in a gradual motion.
  • Run your fingers gently into your hair to even the shafts of your hair. Finish it with a hairspray that will hold and set your hair as you shake your head.

Using a diffuser in your hair-drying practice is one way of providing your hair the natural straight look without appearing flat. The diffuser attachment gives volume and smoothness to your straight hair making it very stylish for any time and occasion.


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