How To Use a Skin Brush

Yes, you might have the most perfect skin the world has ever seen. However, you still need to take care of it. One of the most common approaches in caring for the skin is through a technique using a skin brush.

This kind of tool is actually a dry brush, which is basically needed for body brushing. With this simple tool, a lot of benefits are being given to the skin and the body as a whole. Among them include the improvement of skin texture and skin stimulation. Due to this fact, it is always suggested to do skin brushing. To help you with the proper way of using the skin brush, here is how to follow the detailed procedure:

  1. Get the brush. The very first thing you need to know here is the kind of skin brush you need to use. Actually, it is best to go for natural bristle ones rather than their synthetic counterpart. This needs to be strictly observed because some brushes can scratch your skin, which you most likely don't want to happen. Also, make sure that the brush has a long handle to ensure that you can reach all parts of your body.
  2. Start body brushing. It is important that it is a dry brush that you use and applied to dry skin. Also, remember that the perfect time to do this is before taking a shower so all the dirt taken off by the brush will be washed out.
  3. Sweep the brush. It is a big no-no to try to scrub and rotate the brush all over the body. You only need to make long straight strokes to the heart's direction. It can either be from head to toe or toe to head.
  4. Be sensitive to some parts of the body. In parts where the skin is thin, do not place much effort in the brushing. These parts include the sole of the feet, palms, skin lip, breast, and a lot more. Also, avoid brushing the areas with open wounds and infections.
  5. Stroke the abdomen. When you are brushing the abdomen, you can stroke it in a counter-clockwise way.
  6. Brush the face. In terms of facial skin, it is necessary that you get a facial brush. This facial brush needs to be as natural as the body brush so as the face will not suffer from any scratches.

Right after this dry brush technique, the reward needs to be a hot and cold shower. In terms of cleaning the skin brush, it is a good routine to do it once every week. A good wash of soap and water will do the trick. Just make sure that you keep it dry after washing it.

Now, you are ready to do this healthy practice every day. It is ideal that you do it thoroughly for around 15 minutes or more. If you happen to have illness, doing it longer and twice a day is a good idea. Whatever way you want to engage in this body brushing technique, make sure that you use the skin brush the right way.


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