How To Use a Streaking Cap

Hair color is a big factor in your overall look. If you want to have a new look and you want to go beyond just a haircut, then you can consider coloring your hair. Using just one hair color may be too boring so you can consider having highlights to add a youthful look.

When putting on highlights on the hair, a streaking cap is used to be able to evenly place hair color on streaks of the hair. A streaking cap is like a shower cap that has holes on it so you can pull out the hair you will change color. The other hair will not be touched by the dye. Usually the streaks are of lighter color or shade.

  • Inspect the streaking cap and make sure that all the holes are open and perforated. Use a crochet hook to pull out streaks of hair.
  • Wear the streaking cap. Make sure that the hair has been combed properly so when you pull out streaks of hair and color it, it will turn out clean and even afterwards.
  • Pull out streaks of hair from the holes using the crochet hook. Slowly pull out the hair so the roots do not get damaged. Make sure you pull out even thickness of hair. Do not pull out too much strands, as this might be too excessive when it gets colored.
  • Place hair dye on the strands and depending on the type of dye used, you might have to cover the strands and roll it on aluminum foil for treatment purposes.
  • After the dye has settled on the hair, pull the streaking cap off gently, taking care that the hair does not get carelessly pulled off.
  • Wash the streaking cap thoroughly. Make sure there is not dye left on it so that it will not cause any trouble with the next person that will use it.
  • When storing a streaking cap, have it dried and puff with powder before keeping it.

Streaking caps come in a standard size, so it may fit some heads, and it may be too big for some. When using a streaking cap on smaller heads, take more caution so that it will not slip off while you are pulling out hair strands. Having a hair clamp or hairpin nearby might help.

You can decide on how many streaks you want on your hair. You can choose to have only one streak or a lot. Just be careful that you do not accidentally apply hair dye on any of the holes of the streaking cap, otherwise it will splat a bit of color on the unexposed hair. Make sure you only get to color the streaks you pulled out and avoid using excessive hair dye to avoid damaging the hair.

Streaking caps can be bought from beauty stores complete with a hair dye or bleach and a crochet hook for pulling out the hair. Choose the complete set for your convenience.


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