How To Use a Tiara with Medium to Long Hair

A tiara is typically worn during special occasions such as weddings, formal birthday celebrations and for pageants. A girl can do several hairstyles and use the tiara to complement it. If you have medium length to long hair, here are some ways to style your hair and use a tiara.

  • Create a lift at the top of your head. Tease the hair, or if you have bangs, tease it and use hairspray and hair clips to secure it. Wear the tiara on the front portion of the lift, not on top.
  • You can opt to brush up your hair from the sides and gather then to a half ponytail at the center of your head. Tie the hair and push it up to create a lift. Secure the tied up portion of the hair with hair clips. You can also use hairspray before securing the tiara on to the base of the knot.
  • You can create a ponytail and push up your hair to create a lift. The lift is always the centrepiece. Place the tiara on top of your head, near the bangs so you wear it like a crown.
  • Turn the ponytail into a bun. If the bun is on top of your head, you can place the tiara right in front of the bun so that it appears to support the tiara from behind. If the bun is at the lower back portion of your head, then you need to push it up a bit to create the lift at the front part of your head.
  • You can curl your hair  then brush up the front and sides to lift up the hair. Secure this with hair pins and hairspray, before placing the tiara. Let your curls fall freely off your shoulders.
  • You can have your hair teased and pulled back and then place the tiara on the elevated portion of the hair. Leave a few strands of hair near the front of the ears and curl it, then let it drop.
  • You can gather up your long hair and style it into a bun or a tall lump, and place the tiara at the front of the lump so that it looks as of it is floating on your hair.

The tiara may be placed as far back if the hair is pulled back and gathered up the back of the head, or it can be worn near the forehead, just at the base of the bangs. Whatever you choose, complement the tiara with a stunning make up and a gorgeous dress. Accessorize with dangling earrings if the hair is pulled back or up, and use simple studs when you have your hair down. Glitters on the hair also add a magical effect on the hairstyle and the tiara.

Choose a silver or golden tiara that has crystals on it to give off sparkles under the light. There are also tiaras that have no stones or crystals, but are designed to give off a sparkling effect when the light reflects from it.


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