How To Use an Aromatherapy Oil Burner

Whether for a major examination in school or to make your home even more inviting after a long day at work, aromatherapy is quickly becoming a hit on the frazzle-nerved and hectic-scheduled people living in cities and other stressful places. Getting away from the smoke and smog as well as the dull gray tones of your office cubicle does not have to be as expensive as a travel vacation. With the right combination of aromatherapy oils, you can soothe your nerves and foster greater concentration or simply be able to relax and unwind easier. Here are the steps to using an aromatherapy oil burner.

  1. Choose your oil. One of the challenging parts of engaging in aromatherapy is the proper selection of aromatherapy oil. Keep in mind that there are hundreds of aromatherapy oils that you can use. These oils are designed to provide specific effects – whether improved concentration, focus, and memory retention, or to relax the mind and even certain body parts such as the back or the lungs. Apart from having specific effects, they can also be used in combination with other oils. Choosing the oil for use in your burner will depend largely on what you are feeling or what you want to feel. Use ylang-ylang extracts to induce relaxation and create a feeling of peace, or mix in water lily extracts to help you clear your mind and focus. The choice is yours.
  2. Set up the burner. Once you have chosen and prepared the combination of your aromatherapy oils, the next step is to set up your burner. Keep in mind that various cultures have been practicing certain types of aromatherapy for a very long time. Aromatherapy is nothing new, and humans have appreciated scents for a very long time. Some aroma therapists will even use incense burners, while others will use the modern aroma oil candle or gas burners and oil furnace. If you are working with a candle, set up is easy. If you are working with incense sticks, you will only need a fireproof container that will hold the sticks upright to keep them burning properly. There are even electrically powered scent devices that have pads where you will place the oils .these pads are then placed in a cartridge that is loaded onto a device that is plugged onto the wall. The gas burner types, however, will sometimes come in sets that need to be assembled. You will need to place the oil in the glass containers, thread in the wick, and seal the burner.
  3. Light the device. Finally, turn on your device by lighting it with a match or by using your lighter. Set the burner in a place that is far from the reach of children and pets that can knock the burner over and spill the oil. Keep in mind that while aromatherapy can be very soothing, it is also a fire hazard. Using simple steps like keeping the flame away from combustible materials will be enough to allow you to enjoy the soothing and healing scents that you need, however. If you encounter maintenance problems with your burners and furnaces or need spare parts, contact your oil burner dealer.

No matter how busy your day may be, with aromatherapy oil burner ready to be turned on in the living room or bedroom, you can be sure that you have something pleasant to come home to.


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