How To Use an Epilator for Hair Removal

Picture of hair removal wax

While epilators come with instructions to guide you on how to use them, not all of those pamphlets are helpful. Another catch is that those instructions always come inside the box, and so you won’t be entirely sure you’ll be comfortable using an epilator until you buy one. If you’d like to be a little more careful about your purchase, here’s what you can expect using an epilator will be like:

  1. Pick a safe spot. You might be a little surprised with how using an epilator feels. It’s quite different from threading, waxing and other treatments, so try your epilator out on a non-sensitive area first. Pick a spot that has light hair growth and less sensitivity, then practice using your epilator there. You’ll want to get used to the sensation before moving on to heavier areas.
  2. Shower down. Taking a bath will open your pores up. When your pores are open, it’ll be a lot easier to remove any unwanted hair. Because of this, it’s recommended that you use your epilator after a warm bath. Make sure you dry off well before you start, as an epilator doesn’t work as well as normal on wet skin.
  3. Easy does it. Start by turning the epilator on and moving its head gently over your skin. Slowly guide the epilator along your skin with one hand, and hold the skin being epilated taut with the other. Keep the pressure on your skin light; there should be just enough contact to hair removal. If your epilator comes with variable speeds, start with the slowest setting and speed it up, as you get more comfortable with the feeling. Your epilator’s model will also determine the direction in which you guide it. While some epilators will require you to move them around in circles, others are fine with moving in straight lines. Whatever the direction is, keep things slow and gentle.
  4. Do it at night. You may notice some red blotches appearing on your skin as you use an epilator. You might also find a few bumps on your skin. This is a natural reaction to the personal care product you’re using. Thankfully, the irritation tends to disappear overnight, so using your epilator in the evening will help you avoid any strange looks. The irritation is usually greater the first few times you use an epilator. After a few tries, however, your skin will get used to the treatments and adjust.
  5. Soothe and exfoliate. After using your epilator, calm your irritated skin by applying a soothing cream. After a while, your skin will be relaxed enough to exfoliate. You’ll need to exfoliate daily to avoid the development of ingrown hairs. Using a loofa or body scrub will do, although you may want to explore your choices at a health and personal care store.

Ingrown hairs are nasty little problems that cause small black bumps to form on your skin. They form as a result of hair being pulled out of the skin – which is exactly the method that sets an epilator apart from other products like shavers and depilatory creams. This is why it is absolutely necessary to exfoliate daily when using an epilator.


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