How To Use Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are some of the most convenient and easily used hair styling tools at present. They hold hair in place, usually in preparation for further styling. They are so thin that when you slide them in, they become invisible. Bobby pins are especially effective of keeping hair off the face. Here are some tips on how to effectively use them to get the look you want.

Buying Bobby Pins

  • Choose bobby pins that are suitable for your hair. If you have thin, fragile hair, it would be best to purchase thinner pins. They have smaller gaps that will hold fragile hair properly. On the other hand, if your hair is thick and slightly wavy, it would be hard to hold hair still with a small bobby pin. Before buying, ask if you could try one on. This will let you find which kind of pin is best for you.
  • Some people prefer bobby pins with designs, such as embedded crystals. Furthermore, bobby pins come in different colors. Think about the hair style you want and buy accordingly. If you want the pins to be inconspicuous, choose a shade that matches your hair. If you want them to be part of your style, you can buy a lighter shade when you have dark hair and vice versa. There are also bobby pins with glitter.

Using Bobby Pins

  • Hold the first portion of your hair that you want to style. It could a small section of unruly hair or simply bangs that get in the way. Note that you should hold them steadily in the position you want to place them.
  • With the other hand, get the pin and place your middle finger on the gap and pry the pin open slowly. This will widen its gap, just enough to put in your hair. Depending on your hair type, you may sometimes not even need to do this step.
  • Slide the pin on the section of hair you were holding. Hold it in place. Do not let go of your hair just yet. Only remove the hand holding the pin and see if you have placed it in the right position. Check whether it is secure enough. If not, you can repeat this step or do the next step.
  • Stubborn hair requires more than one pin to hold it in place. You can insert another pin into your hair, either parallel to the first one or by crossing it with the other one.
  • If there are other sections of your hair you want to secure, repeat the preceding steps.


  • When you insert your pin, remember to keep the ridged side up. This will hold the hair more securely.
  • Throw pins away when the metal part starts showing. You do not want to damage your hair.
  • For bigger clumps of hair, resort to hair clips. Attempting to use bobby pins for this would force the gap of the pins to widen. It may not return to its previous state.

Styling does not stop there. Comb your hair once more after placing your bobby pins. Just remember to be careful when combing the pinned section of your hair to avoid accidentally removing it. Enjoy and have fun with your hair.


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