How To Use Clippers to Cut a Man's Hair

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Clippers are very handy at cutting men’s hair and evening out sideburns. Clippers are used with clipper blades, which look like large combs made of steel. These clipper blades are attached to the main body of the clipper; most clippers come with different clipper blades that have varying teeth lengths. Here are some of the guidelines to remember in using clippers to cut a man’s hair:

  • Prepare your materials. For this project, all you would need are the clippers, the blades and a towel to be placed around the shoulders of the person who will get his hair cut. Also, it’s best that you cut the hair at an area that can be cleaned just by sweeping; in other words, avoid cutting hair in carpeted areas.
  • Select the proper blade. Clippers would come with blades that number from zero to eight; in simplest terms, the lower the number of the blade is the closer the cut will be. For example, a blade that has the number “0” or no-guard clipper will effectively shave off the hair down to the scalp, while a blade that has the number “7” will leave about 22 mm or 7/8 inch long hair. The numbers are usually indicated at the middle part of the clipper blade. How you would choose the clipper would depend on the desired final length of hair.
  • Start at the backside of the hair. It will ultimately depend on the person getting his haircut as to how you would go about the haircut, but if he wants a regular trim, here are some steps to follow: Trim the hair going up from the back of the neck to the area around the ears (be very careful not to get too near the ears, as your clippers may cause injury). Move the clipper in a flipping motion, so that you could raise the hair up and then shave it off. Do the same from the back of the head going up to the other ear. Though you can go back and forth around the areas that you want to cut off, make sure that you constantly check for the length that results. Double-check to see if the length is even on both sides of the head. Comb out the hair every now and then, to get rid of the cut hair. This would also allow you to set the style and see whether you’d need to cut off some more.
  • Know of other guidelines. Make sure that the hair being cut is dry, as wet hair may clog some clippers. You should also make sure that you ask what hairstyle he wants, so that you could early on determine the size of the blade that you will work with. Also, know that it’s best that you stop cutting the hair when in doubt, rather than keep on cutting: just leave it and let it grow, instead of cutting it until it’s too late to remedy. 

There you have it! These are just some of the steps for you to remember when you want to use clippers to cut man’s hair. Good luck, and hope this helped you out!


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