How To Use Concealer

Girl with concealer cream
If you've got blemishes on your face, then concealer may just turn out to be your best cosmetic friend! Use this guide on how to use concealer and your face will look flawless.

Step 1

Locate the areas that need coverage. Concealer is not meant to be used as a foundation. It's only meant to cover up specific problem areas, such  as birthmarks, acne or blemishes. Find the areas on your face that don't match your skin tone or texture. You may even want to apply them to red areas of your face or neck. Experts also like to apply concealer under the eyes, around the nose and even on the chin. You decide where you'll need to use concealer.

Step 2

Know when to use concealer. Concealer has to be applied to your face before you apply foundation. This is because the foundation helps to disguise the fact that you have covered blemishes on your face. Once your face is clean and moisturized, concealer should be the next step in your makeup routine.

Step 3

Conceal your blemishes. You want to use concealer to cover unsightly or uneven areas of your face and neck. Even out the skin tone under your eyes by dabbing a bit of concealer on the inner corner of your eye. Use a finger or a brush, but never ‘paint' it on. Just a touch will do. Continue the process for pimples and blemishes. Dab a small amount of concealer onto your finger, sponge or even your face and gently rub it around to cover the entire area. You don't  need to use very much at all. Remember that the foundation will be going on top of the concealer, so you don't need to have very thick coverage.

Step 4

It's okay to blend concealers. Don't get rid of those concealer colors you never use anymore. Many people find that by mixing two different shades of concealer, the perfect color arises. Try mixing a concealer you don't use anymore with another shade to create the perfect shade of concealer for your skin. You can either mix them together before applying it to your face, or you can layer the concealers and then rub them together to blend the two colors.

Step 5

Give the concealer a minute to dry. Once you have used concealer on all the areas of your face that needed attention, wait a minute or two before applying foundation. Let the concealer dry and set before putting makeup on top of it. This will allow it to dry and help the foundation to adhere to it, which is the most effective way to use concealer.


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