How To Use Eye Serum to Your Advantage

Eye Serum Can Protect and Rejuvenate Skin under Your Eyes

Eye serum is a vital component to an anti-aging regimen with goals of preventing facial wrinkles. The area around the eyes is extremely sensitive to sun, weather and other elements the face will have to combat as you age. Obviously, the eyes are a major part of the human body and should be cared for properly. If you don't know how an eye serum can help you in your quest to look youthful, read on.

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Eye serums come in many shapes, forms and price ranges. Normally, they start around $19.99 for products that may be made by a large manufacturer that produces an eye serum as an add-on to its other anti-aging or skin care products. Usually these types of eye serums do not contain top-notch ingredients like hylauronic acid or peptides. Often times, eye serums that are sold on the cheaper side at large department stores are nothing more than a moisturizer stuffed into a fancy tube and slapped with a different moniker, like serum. A good eye serum usually retails from $69.99 and up.

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It's important to know what ingredients work in eye serums. As you move up the food chain to more expensive eye serums, you will find that there are products that were actually made strictly for the eye area, with proper ingredients such as peptides and hylauronic acide. These types of eye serums definitely work when used appropriately. Please note that eye serums promising to eliminate dark circles under the eyes, puffy eyes and eye wrinkles, INSTANTLY, are simply making false claims and are not truly an eye serum. These types of products (that do work sometimes) are called instant lifting serums. Instant lifting serums are more like makeup then anything, but they do work to "freeze" the area around the capillaries and do provide the effect of an instant fix to the aforementioned facial symptoms. However, I will repeat, these are not eye serums. An eye serum is more advanced. Let me explain.

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Eye serum addresses dark circles under the eyes, puffy eyes, redness, swelling and facial wrinkles under the eye area. The big difference between an eye serum and an instant lifting application is that an eye serum works on a long term basis to restore youth to the skin. It works as a skin rejuvenation system instead of acting as a quick fix makeup-type system.

An eye serum addresses dark circles under the eyes, puffy eyes, redness, swelling and facial wrinkles under the eye area. Eye serums should be used as directed. Most eye serums require a fingertip of serum in the morning and evening for a period of 4-6 weeks. Any product on the market as of time of press that claims it is an eye serum and does not fit into those parameters should be labeled as an instant lifting serum, or as a product making bogus claims. Eye serums, when used properly, can be a strong part of an anti-aging regimen. The eyes are a focal point of our bodies, and should be treated like royalty. Eyes play an important role in society. Every time you make eye contact, you want to leave a good impression, right? Be sure to review eye serums at your own discretion and start looking for the best eye serum for your situation.

Karla Sutton is a skin care expert and a contributor to many online health portals, including wrinkle cream review websites. 

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