How To Use Hard Wax for Hair Removal

Waxing is painful no matter which body parts you subject to this modern day "hair away" ritual. Some women have resorted to Advil and a couple of wine bottles to numb them from the pain but it is so worth it unless the waxer makes you bleed down there because of an overly-heated wax (it has happened).

Now then attempting to do this on your own will take a lot of courage along with the very real reality of bald patches especially if this is your first time. You will soon get used to it and will be able to wax-on and wax-off in due time.

Meantime, here's how to properly use hard wax for hair removal:

  • Go for a trusted brand. The first order of the day is for you to find out which brand is used at your waxer's. If this is not possible, ask you friends for a recommendation. Chances are you will get a brand that your friends swear can landscape you hair-free gently and efficiently in record time.
  • Make sure it's a complete hard waxing kit. Well, you can't very well use your own spatula at home right? Here's a rundown of what a complete home waxing kit should contain:
  • Main product or the waxing formula itself. Example, Brazilian Bikini Wax Microwave Formula from Gigi.
  • Two sets of lotions and oils for pre and post waxing
  • Two sets of applicators/spatula
Now the waxing kits may vary depending on the brand that you choose but these are what you should look for in your home waxing kit.

  • Microwave the hard wax. Read the instructions on the jar carefully so you know how long it should take precisely for the wax to turn into a caramel-like consistency. Remember to set the timer on your microwave properly.
  • Take the hard wax out of the microwave. Only now that it has been nuked, the hard wax already looks like soft caramel. It will be hot so handle with care.
  • Clean the body part to prepare it for waxing.  Use the pre-waxing treatment on the body part to cleanse and prep it prior to application of the wax. Use a tissue or a soft cloth to pat the area dry.
  • Apply very thin coating of oil. This is also from the home waxing kit. Use a few drops to very thinly apply a protective coating on the body part for waxing. Let it soak for a minute.
  • Take the applicator, dip into the wax, and spread a liberal amount of wax on the body part. By the way, follow the direction of the hair so it will be less painful when you start to yank off the wax later. Proceed with a thick dollop of wax on the area.
  • Let the wax cool. Cool enough that it becomes easy to yank of later. How can you tell if is ready to be yanked off? It's soft and pliable to touch.
  • Pull the skin tautly. Now you are ready to yank the wax off as you would a band-aid. With one hand, hold the skin tautly and with the other, yank the wax off following the opposite direction of the hair growth this time. Once you are finished with a section, never re-apply the wax on the same area again nor should you attempt to remove the fine hair on that area right after a depilation.
  • Pat the bald skin with your hand. To relax the skin from the trauma.
  • Treat and moisturize the area with a wax-off product. This also comes with the home waxing kit so you simply have to follow the directions as instructed.
  • Finish up with a daily application of growth inhibitors in the shower. You will be advised to use a growth inhibitor so you can maintain being hair-free for as long as one month.

Waxing is the ideal way to remove unwanted hair fast but if you have a date with the stork in nine months time a.k.a. pregnant or have issues with varicose veins, diabetes, or skin allergies, it will be wise to consult your doctor first and foremost.


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