How To Use Highlighter on Cheeks

A highlighter on the cheeks is added to make the face appear like it is glowing when the light touches the skin. It is different from a blush on and eye shadow or eye make up. The color of the highlight should not be noticeable that it will blend well with your blush on without altering its color. One can go without a highlighter on the cheeks and still look beautiful, but a highlighter adds life and a pleasing aura to the wearer. Putting on highlighter on the cheeks is more advisable for evening events because the face glows with artificial light.

The use of highlighter for the cheeks is simple but tricky. Check out these tips to find out how to make it work for you.

  • Wash your face thoroughly. It is better if you also exfoliate your face with a gentle exfoliant. Avoid harmful products that may damage your skin. You want your skin to be smooth when you put on your make up and highlighter.
  • Apply moisturizer on your face and let it settle for a few minutes before applying make up.
  • Put on concealer if needed, and foundation to even out the color of your skin. Hide blemishes and dark spots with concealer.
  • Add eye make up and blush on, if necessary. You can put on highlights on the cheeks and eye area even without make up if you are just going out for everyday errands.
  • Put on highlighter on the cheeks by dabbing a little amount on the apple of the cheeks, then spread it with a blush and let it blend with the color of your blush on.
  • Buff it up and make sure there are no visible edges between your cheek color and the rest of your face. Remember, you need to spread the highlighter, so brush outwards.
  • Avoid putting too much highlights on several areas of the face as it will make you appear sweaty or you may look as if you have oily skin. Minimize the use of a highlighter, just an amount enough to add a glow to your cheeks.

When choosing a highlighter for the cheeks, you may consider different shades but in general there are two colors to choose from: gold and silver. Gold colored highlights are best for people with warm skin undertones, while silver colored highlights work best with cool skin undertones. Choose highlighters that have tiny particles and avoid the glittery types that have big chunks of silver and gold particles, as this will look odd on your face.

You may also use silver or gold shimmer eye make up as a highlighter. This is a good alternative to avoid stocking up on too much make up products that you seldom use anyway. When using eye make up to highlight the cheeks, the same procedures as described above is followed.

Putting on highlights on the cheeks is simple and can liven up your face, with or without make up. Enhance this with lip shine for your lips and a well blended eye make up.


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