How To Use Hot Rollers

When you need a special hairstyle or want to perk up your look consider using hot rollers to create a soft yet stylish ‘do. If you are new to hot rollers, there are some tips you should know before you get started. Follow these steps to use hot rollers.

  1. Decide on the style. Choose the look you want before you get started. Look through magazines or talk to your stylish to make certain your cut will hold the style you want.
  2. Choose the hot rollers for your style. There are several styles and sizes for hot rollers. The wider rollers create volume and shape while smaller rollers create curl and coils. Get the right rollers for your style.
  3. Wash, condition and dry your hair. Don't try to roll your hair when it is partially wet to try to speed up the process. The ideal situation is to wash and condition your hair the night before you style it. Let it air dry then style in the morning. If this isn't an option, blow dry your hair completely before getting started with the hot rollers.
  4. Heat the rollers. Follow the instructions on the rollers to determine how long they have to be heated. Some heat quickly in about the same time as a curling iron while others take a while longer. The rollers must be heated fully or the style will fall flat in minutes.
  5. Comb and divide hair into sections. Comb the hair to remove and snarls or knots. Then separate hair into three sections. The first section includes the hair from the bangs to the back of the crown; this is the top section. Then section the sides below the first section down to the top of your ears. The thirds section is all the hair below your ears and around the back.
  6. Start with the top section. Comb the top section in ¼ inch to ½ inch thickness. Comb straight up away from the scalp and spray with hair spray. Starting at the top of the hair section, roll the hair around the roller in the direction of the back of your head. Secure with a roller pin. Repeat with remaining sections of the top of your head.
  7. Roll the sides and bottom. For the sides and bottom sections of the hair keep in mind that if you roll up you will get curls that flip up at the end while if you roll under your hair the waves will curl under. Either is fine it just depends what style you are going for. Start on one side and divide the hair into smaller sections. Comb each section, spray with hairspray then roll the section. Repeat around your head to both sides and back then repeat with the bottom section of hair.
  8. Allow hair to set. Again look at the directions on your curlers. In most cases you should wait at least ten minutes. Go ahead and get dressed or put on your makeup. Feel free to move around and get things done while your hair is setting.
  9. Remove rollers. Gently unroll the rollers starting at the bottom. Don't comb out the curls. Just use your fingers to unroll then flip your head upside down and gently shake out the curls. Flip back over and use your fingers to shape and style the curls.
  10. Spray hair. Finish the style with a light spray of hairspray or a finishing spray.

Hot rollers are perfect for some styles. If your style benefits from the hot rollers you can make a statement of style with your hair.


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