How To Use Infrared Light for Cosmetic Purposes

Infrared is not only used in motion sensors for burglary alarms, it can also be used in beautifying yourself.  Cosmetic infrared light is also known as Photobiomodulation or phototherapy. Although the effect of such highly technical treatments are still being debated, it is popularly recognized by researchers that it induces photochemical reactions rather than a thermal reaction. 

Researchers say that with the use of the infrared LED or low level laser, tissues with defects and reduced functions can be rejuvenated.  Damaged skin or wounds can heal faster with the assistance of this treatment.  Here are some of the proven cosmetic uses of infrared light.

  • Skin tightening. After pregnancy, a woman’s abdomen will drastically reduce in size and the skin that used to be very tight will become flabby.  This is normal, and in a few days, most of it will disappear.  But in some cases, the stretched skin doesn’t go away.  With the use of infrared light, stimulation of the lower levels of the skin through infrared heat will cause increased circulation and collagen production.  With only these two effects, that area of the body will gradually repair itself and create a tighter skin turgor.
  • Pimple and acne treatment. Basically, these lesions are the product of your skin to protect your body from foreign materials like dust.  Pimples and acne are inflamed skin pores caused by the presence of a trapped foreign material with your natural oils.  The more you produce oil, the more likely for you to have more of these lesions.  An infrared light helps eliminate a pimple very simply.  By increasing the blood supply to that area, more of those wastes will be eliminated.  Bacteria that might have lodged in the pores will also be destroyed.  After all of this happens, the lesions will dry up and the foreign material will be expelled.
  • Scar treatment. A scar is basically the imitation of skin.  It has large concentrations of collagen and it is less effective than the actual skin.  By exposing these areas to phototherapy, the scar will disseminate and rejuvenate.  It will look like the scar is being slowly replaced by normal skin.
  • Cellulite treatment. The most common misconception about cellulite is that it is a fat deposit when, in fact, these are only normal tissues that have suffered several stressful events like the lack of nutrients or poor oxygenation.  What the infrared waves do is that they trigger chemical reactions in the area, which causes the rejuvenation of those damaged tissues.  Where the infrared lamp is placed, the damaged tissues deep within the skin will experience a gradual increase in temperature and blood supply.  It is the combination of the rejuvenating and heating effects of the treatment that makes it effective against cellulite.

The amazing use of infrared light is not limited to infrared spectroscopy or any high-tech application.  It now has the ability to manipulate the status of your health.  And as you feel great about your body, you will develop a great sense of self-esteem.


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