How To Use Large Hair Curlers

Long hair is making a comeback. There are many styles that you can achieve when you have long hair. You can side part it and use jeweled clips on the sides to keep that hair in place. You can tie it up in a ponytail, braid it, put it up in a loose knot, and keep it tidy with a cloth or plastic headband. To jazz up your hair for an evening date, you can set it in curlers and have a wonderful cascade of big, natural looking waves. This can be achieved by using large hot curlers that can make your long straight hair turn into gorgeous, soft bouncy curls in minutes. Below are some tips on how to use these large hot hair curlers.

  • Wash and dry your hair the day before your date to make the curls hold better. Plug in your large hot curlers set and allow them to heat up for about fifteen minutes or follow the manufacturer’s suggestion. You should have some long clips and roller grips ready, as well as a fine comb with a pointed handle.
  • Use a wide tooth comb to remove tangles from your hair. Once the tangles have been removed, section your hair in three – a middle section and two side sections. Place long clips on the sides to keep the hair in place. Begin working on the middle section, starting from the front. If you wear a bangs, comb it down and do not include it in your curling.
  • The number of large curlers that you will use depends on the length of your hair. Take about an inch thick cross section from the middle part of your hair, after your bang. Comb it up and place a curler underneath the ends. Tuck the ends around the curler and begin to wind the hair down until your reach the scalp. The hair should be rolled from straight up to make sure that will stand up on your scalp. This will remove dents on the hair from the roller grips when the hair is rolled and pulled down before securing the curler.
  • Take another section of hair from the middle and roll it, repeating the process. The next curlers should be close together to achieve a natural look without dents and gaps of straight hair that will likely occur when some of the hair is not curled in the right position. Repeat this until you have all the hair in the middle, down to your nape wrapped in curlers.
  • Repeat the process for the sides. You may only need about four large curlers for each side. If you want to minimize the volume of the curls when it is unwound, you may try curling the hair upward instead of downward by placing the curler on top of the hair section, not underneath it. Make sure that you are still winding the hair straight so that the curls will fall naturally.
  • Allow the curlers to completely cool before you take them out one by one. Finger comb your hair to style it and allow the curls to fall naturally. Add a bit of hair serum to make your hair shine or you can add some mousse or light hair spray while finger combing to make your curls last longer.

Large hot curlers are very handy when you want a change in hair style for a day out. To achieve the right curls, practice curling your hair in different ways and choose the one that works best for your hair type. Also try out different setting gels and lotions to find one that will keep your curls the longest. A good hair cut also will also help in achieving a more natural looking head of curls. Experimenting is the key when you want to do your hairstyling at home.


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