How To Use Murad to Remove Age Spots

Murad is an excellent skin care line that offers a variety of products to treat various dermatological concerns. It was developed by top dermatologist Dr. Howard Murad. To remove age spots or to address unveven skin tone problems, Murad has a line called Environmental Shield. It is designed to restore and protect skin from sun damage, which is the cause of age spots. Here's how to use it.

  • Start the three step skincare regimen by washing your face with warm water and using Murad Essential-C cleanser. It cleanses the skin and at the same time restores moisture. It contains vitamin C, which has skin brightening properties. This anti oxidant neutralizes free radicals. Using your fingertips, use a gentle circular motion to wash away the impurities. Include your neck when you wash. Rinse with water.
  • After washing your face, pat your skin dry with a soft towel. Next, apply some Essential-C toner on a cotton ball. This will balance and condition your skin. It also prepares yours skin for any treatment serum or product you will use.
  • It's time to repair your skin. This is the second step in the skincare regimen. Use the Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Gel. This product is specifically designed to make dark spots to fade. It contains the lightening ingredient hydroquinone and brightening ingredients such as zinc, licorice and mulberry extracts. One fluid ounce bottle of this product sells for $60. Apply a little bit of the gel directly on the age spots you see on your skin.
  • If you want to take it to the next step, also use the Essential-C Daily Renewal Complex. This repair cream should be applied to your face and neck. Use a small amount on your fingertips and apply gently on your skin.
  • Moisturize your skin. During the daytime, finish with the Essential-C Day Moisutre SPF 30. At night, hydrate your skin with Essential-C Night Moisture. Don't forget your eyes by using any of the Murad eye treatment products.
  • Do this regimen on a nightly basis. For the daytime, make sure to use sunblock to protect your skin from further damage. The use of exfoliants that contain alpha hydoroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids reveals new and fresher skin, but may make you sensitive to the sun.
  • Seek regular professional care to maintain your skin's youthful flow. Getting a regular facial will help repair any skin damage and keep your skin clean and healthy. Consult a dermatologist if you have any recurring skin problems.

Finally, keep your health in check. Ensure that you properly hydrate yourself, to keep your skin plump, soft and supple. Eat a good diet, rich with anti oxidants and skin friendly vitamins and minerals. Avoid unnecessary sun exposure and always apply sunblock or use a hat when going outdoors. Using quality products such as Murad is part of your arsenal against skin ageing.

Murad is available at high end retailers, department stores and Sephora. You may check the company website at to avail of the products.


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