How To Use Noxzema

Noxzema initially came into the dermatology scene as a prime remedy for sunburn. It then became well-known for women due to its facial cleansing and make-up removing capabilities. It continued to gain acceptance as a vital ingredient of products like shaving creams and cleansing swabs.

Go deep into the blue jar and further towards its famed elements of menthol, eucalyptus, and camphor to find out how it works.

  • Noxzema was created for your face. It will not do you any good when you allow it to come in contact with your precious locks. Your hair will have a greasy feeling. In such case, the problem can be solved by washing your hair with mild shampoo or soap. As a preventive measure, practice tying your hair up to the back. It’s best to keep a tie or clip to prevent hairy distractions during a stint on the sink.
  • Scoop the right amount. Facial preparations can be done via thorough washing with warm water. During the act of removing the lid of the product bear in mind that there are varying amounts for different persons. Make sure to identify with the one compatible to your needs. There are those who recommend four parts of the cream while some go for a handful. Utilize whichever suits you better and don’t forget that there is no need to form thick layers.
  • Make sure all bases are loaded. Let you fingers weave their magic on your face. Allow them to go through dirty, oily, and acne-prone regions. Make sure that you distribute the application evenly over areas from your hairline down to your chin. You can opt to place some on your neck and ears. Observe caution when dealing with surfaces near your eye as it can bring discomfort and stinging. Don’t forget to screw the lid back to its original spot.
  • Follow the prescribed motion. Bear in mind that in forming lather on your face the fingertips must be employed. You should perform this task following a circular pattern which is beneficial in opening your pores thereby addressing dirt that requires loosening. Another option for even placement is a damp cloth. The best thing about Noxzema is that it doesn’t dry out easily as compared to regular soap products. Therefore you have the luxury of leaving it on your face for up to five minutes but make it a point not to go beyond the cool feeling.
  • Close the deal properly. Once again, warm water should be utilized to clear out traces of the product on your face. If there is no water in your area you can have a clean wash cloth as alternative. It is emphasized that adequate attention should be given on your eyes. Make use of fresh and soft towel to dry your face up.
  • Erase make-up comfortably. This product is an effective substitute for conventional forms of make-up removing cleansers and deep moisturizing sheets. Apply an ample amount on your face then complete the procedure via towels, tissues, or wet cloth. Bear in mind that you have to let Noxzema settle for a couple of minutes to get the desired results.

Your facial features contribute a huge deal on your personality. Apart from the aesthetic boosts that it provides, it gives people the impression that you are disciplined enough to maintain a youthful look.


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