How To Use Papaya to Cure Flaky Skin

Whether you really have flaky skin or not, applying papaya to peel off the dead skin cells will be very helpful to achieve a perfect skin. There is no doubt about the fruit's effectiveness especially that it is one of the most common tropical fruits being used for beauty products. The use of fresh papaya is also beneficial, and might even be more beneficial than the commercialized brands.

Here's how you should use the papaya to cure your flaky skin and reveal your natural beauty:

  • Prepare the papaya pulp. Scoop out about half cup of ripe papaya. Crush it using a fork. Adding squeeze of lemon will add to its astringent and whitening effect while Adding some honey on it will add to its moisturizing capability. Choose which one you want to add. You may choose to use the papaya pulp alone.
  • Wash your face. Wash your face thoroughly using your regular cleanser. Pat your face dry using a towel.
Apply the pulp. Put a thin layer of the papaya pulp or papaya pulp mixture all over your face. Let it sit there for about two minutes. The papaya pulp will work like a facial mask that slowly peels off the flakes on your skin.

Too much exposure of your face to the papaya might result to irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin. Better yet, put some papaya pulp on the more hidden part of your arms. That whiter skin is similar to your facial skin. Test the papaya there and observe if there is any negative reaction like allergy.

  • Remove the mask. Slowly remove the pulp from your chin and upward. Rub the pulp out of your skin. A damp cloth with help. Again, use this in an upward motion.
  • Rinse the face. Use cool water to rinse your face after removing the papaya pulp. The cool water can close the facial pores, making your skin safer from other harmful substances.
  • Moisturize. Apply your chosen moisturizer after patting dry your face. Papaya has a natural drying effect despite its effectiveness on curing flaky skin. But this can be easily resolved by finishing this natural remedy with a thin layer of moisturizer.
Besides papaya, try other natural remedies also to cure dry and flaky skin. Here are some holistic cures that are worth a try:

  • Olive oil. The extra virgin olive oil has an amazing property that can moisturize the skin well. Adding this to your regular meal is already helpful. But for flaky skin, you should rub it on your face once everyday.
  • Honey. This sweet treat is known for naturally attracting moisture. Apply this on your face or on the affected skin. Let it sit for about five minutes and rinse with water.

It is always better to go with natural remedies than risk your skin getting irritation and nasty outcome with chemical-based and expensive commercial moisturizer. Natural alternatives are surer, safer, and more economical, just like how the papaya works to cure flaky skin.


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