How To Use Piercing Needles

In this day and age, people all over the world have been more open and way out about their freedom of expression and personality using their body. A few ways of expressing your thoughts and personality are through body piercings, tattoo, and other forms of putting art on your body. Different tribes have also been using these kinds of body art as part of their culture, with others having religious and spiritual significance.

While it is great to look unique and outstanding among the rest, you still have to be sure that you do these things in the safest and right way. If you are thinking about getting a piercing on some of your delicate parts of the body with just using an ordinary needle, then you should think twice. There are specified needles used for different purposes. There is a specific needle to use for piercing and you should learn how to properly use one.

  • The most important thing to consider before using your piercing needle is to make sure that it is 100% sterilized. You have to autoclave the piercing needles and other tools used for piercing to make sure that they are sterilized.
  • You can also buy piercing needles that are individually packed and sealed to preserve sterile. If the package is torn or damaged, do not use the piercing needle anymore. If you open a needle package, the needle should have a protector on the pointed part. If there is none, then the needle has been probably used already and not safe.
  • You have to strictly remember that piercing needles should only be used once. More importantly, you should never share a piercing needle with other people no matter how closely related you are with them. Piercing needles should be for single use only.
  • You also have to make sure that you use the specific and right gauge size of the piercing needle. Improper use of gauge sizes of piercing needles may cause damage and bruising on your skin. Remember that if smaller gauge number means the larger the needle is.
  • You should significantly preserve the sterility of the piercing needles. When touching or holding the piercing needles, always use hand gloves to protect contamination of germs. Make sure that you do not drop the piercing needles off or it will be contaminated and will not be usable anymore.
  • You have to observe sterile care for the piercing needle because if the needle is contaminated, then you are most likely prone to get an infection.

There are specific piercing needles that are similarly created from the materials used in surgical tools. This is to ensure that the piercing needles will not cause allergic reactions to the body. A piercing needle is tri-beveled, which cuts a C-shape on the skin, to promote faster and cleaner healing. The piercing needle should look concave to make sure that there is no damage and bruising caused on the skin.

The piercing needles are classified and used according to its gauge sizes. The most common gauge used for piercing is the gauge 14, usually used on ears, tongues, and nose. The 16 gauge piercing needle is used when you want to make a previous pierce extend. The 16 gauge is usually used in piercing nipples and eyebrows.


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