How To Use Pipe Cleaners in Hair

Are you tired of pulling your hair to a bun everyday because you have no time and idea how to style your hair differently? Especially during hot days when you just want to take all of your hair, twist it and secure a ponytail. Are you tired using ponytails, hair clips, and hair bands to add style to your hair?

You might want to try using interesting pipe cleaners to add life to your hair. Yes, you read it right…pipe cleaners are useful as well for your hair aside from cleaning pipes and other woodwind instruments. Pipe cleaners are made of bendable wires that come in different colors and fun furry texture you will love.
You will no longer have those bad hair days just because you can’t pull off nicely done hair. You can even curl your hair using pipe cleaners as well as making dreadlocks. There are lots of ways to use pipe cleaners in your hair.

Here’s how to turn them into dazzling unique hairstyles.

  • Place your hair in rollers. Then wrap pipe cleaners to lock your hair in place. Do not forget to fold the ends of the pipe cleaners well to avoid scratching of your skin and scalp. You can pin small embellishment on your hair to add more designs. Use small flowers, butterflies, and other shapes to put on your hair to complete your look.
  • Braid your hair into several sections and use the pipe cleaners with 2-inch length to tie the end of each braid. Add small pins and embellishments at the end of each braid with the pipe cleaners. Braid your hair using pipe cleaner as one section of the braid. Take two small sections of your hair then wrap a cleaner around it. Then braid the two sections of hair and the pipe cleaner together and secure the end of the braid with hair clips.
  • Make a hair accessory out of pipe cleaners. Take three colors according to your preference with 6 inches length and braid them together. Use glue to secure the ends of the braided pipe cleaners. Then you may use that as a hippie band wrapped across your hair, or simply wear it as a hair band. You can also add other decorations if you prefer.
  • Curl your hair easily and fast using pipe cleaners. When your hair is damp after a shower, divide your hair into several sections. Then wrap each pipe cleaner with each hair sections you prepared. Secure the wrapped pipe cleaner by folding it into half. If you want to have bigger curls, you have to take larger sections of hair. If you want smaller curls, then take smaller sections of hair. After securing every section of your hair, let it air dry for few minutes. After drying, remove the pipe cleaners one by one and apply few hair sprays to keep your hair curly. That way, you have your hair curled faster than the hassle of using curling tools.

Try buying pipe cleaners to use for your hair and try the different ways to style your hair with it. You will never look at pipe cleaners the same way before.


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