How To Use Rosemary Oil as an Insect Repellant

Rosemary is a hardy evergreen shrub, Mediterranean in origin, with aromatic leaves that is widely used for cooking and medicinal purposes. Oil extracted from its leaves and flowers have a refreshing fragrance and contain medical properties that cure several physical disorders. Rosemary oil combined with other essential oils can also be used as a natural insect repellent that is both safe and simple to concoct. By following a few simple steps, you can make your own natural insect repellent at home:

  • Pure Rosemary oil can be applied directly on exposed areas of the skin as a protection from insect bites, especially outdoors. Before you do however, perform an allergy test on yourself by applying the oil on a small area of your skin and take note of any adverse reactions.
  • Combining Rosemary with oils of lemon, juniper, lavender, citronella, and other natural oils are an effective bug spray. Mix it with vodka or grain alcohol, shake well and keep in a jar that is tightly sealed. You may store it in your refrigerator for a few days until ready for use. This can also be applied to the skin as an added defense against pests and insects. Shake well before usage. Once again, it is important to check if you may be allergic to this combination of oils before applying it to your skin.
  • Almond or Jojoba oils can be used as a base for your oil combinations but can be a bit more difficult to spray, or may be too oily when applied to the skin.
  • A mixture of one part of rosemary oil to ten parts of alcohol is an effective insect repellent as well. You can spray this solution on your clothing and your skin. Your pets can benefit from this too.
  • Another recipe you could do is placing crushed rosemary on top of thinly sliced lemons. Pour boiling water over the mixture and cover your pot, allowing the blend to steep for roughly 15 hours. Strain with a cheese cloth, transfer to a jar, and allow to cool. You may now use this as a misting spray for both your skin and clothing.
  • Cultivate rosemary in your garden to prevent insects from invading your area because of its distinct aroma. They are easy to grow and can be used for other purposes too.
  • Make sure to wash off rosemary with soap and water when you are safe indoors. Keeping it on your skin needlessly for long periods of time can cause skin irritations.

There has been a show of great concern regarding the negative effects of chemicals on people. Although a lot of products containing these ingredients may bring effective results, there are several risks entailed that could directly affect the body. Insect repellents are products that contain many of these harmful elements like Deet, which may be very effective in repelling insects, but is highly toxic. For your health’s sake, it is best to use all natural insect repellents. It is guaranteed to be just as effective in solving the bug problem and totally safe.


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