How To Use Tiaras with Short Hair

Tiaras are one of the most beautiful and elegant accessories a girl can use to dress up an outfit. A tiara can add that simple sparkle and whimsy to most any formal outfit. It is also a great and easy way to make a hairstyle look more formal or just to add that extra something! 

Sadly, most girls with short hair think that the tiara is a head-piece that is not an option for them! Given the right hair tools and some practice a viable option for short-haired girls!

  • Choose the right tiara. To have the perfect tiara hairstyle, you first have to choose the right tiara for you. The best way is of course to try them on if you can. If you can’t, here are a few tips in finding the right tiara:
    • Face shape. A tiara should ideally frame your face. If you have a long or oval face, avoid tiaras that peak upward. This will make your face look longer! Something with level or minimum height might be better.
    • Matching gowns and accessories. Another good tip to follow is to make sure your tiara is coordinated with your gown/dress and the rest of your accessories. Remember, a tiara is not a small, barely noticeable piece so make sure you don’t over-accessorize! Unless it’s really a costume party, check and see if the gown matched with the tiara makes your ensemble look too much like a costume.  
  • Putting on the tiara. When putting on your tiara, remember that it should be placed at the crown of the head rather than the front of the head. Depending on the kind of tiara you choose, find the exact place where it is most comfortable—not too wobbly and not too backwards or forwards on the head. 
  • Securing it on your head. Securing the tiara on your head will depend on the kind of tiara you have. If you are opting for the simpler comb-style tiara, the comb itself should ideally already hold it in place but if you feel it is wobbly, you can opt to use some hairspray to secure it a bit more. If the tiara you choose is the headband style, get two hairpins to tuck it in neatly at the sides. Some headband-type tiaras will already feel secure because of its built so no need for hairpins. 
  • Clean up the look. Finish your look by making sure it is nice and neat! Putting on your tiara might make some of your bunch up in an unsightly manner. Spraying some hairspray should help secure hair to fall into place. If you have naturally limp hair, a tiara might flatten your hair. To avoid this, you can opt to put some mousse on before styling your hair. The mousse should give your hair an extra boost of volume and also help control it. 

With these simple tips, the tiara should be a cinch for people with short hair. This lovely hairpiece shouldn’t be missed out on and in no time, should be a regular and easy-to-do option for formal events.  


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