How To Use Velcro Rollers for Waves

Velcro rollers are a must have for women who love bouncy waves without using a curling iron. In fact, Velcro rollers may be a better option since the heat from the curling iron causes damage to your locks of hair. Women with fine limp hair will benefit greatly from using Velcro rollers if they want soft waves and more volume. Velcro rollers are made of lightweight plastic that come in many different sizes and colors. For gorgeous wavy hair, use the larger set of Velcro rollers. Feel free to experiment with other sizes as well until you get the kind of curl that you want.

To use the Velcro rollers:

  • Wet your hair. You can shampoo and condition your hair or simply spray it with water until it is damp. Velcro rollers work best on slightly moist hair.
  • Put a small amount of styling gel or spray directly onto your hair.
  • Choose the size of Velcro rollers. For tighter curls, use smaller rollers. For big, loose waves, go for the large ones.
  • Work in sections. Hold onto a small section of your hair on one side of your face. Comb this as you lift it away from your head. You want it to be smooth and flat.
  • Get one Velcro roller with one hand. Don’t let go of the section of hair you are holding. Position the Velcro roller at the end of the hair. Slowly wrap the hair around the roller. Keep the hair smooth as you wrap it going up to the base of the scalp.
  • Use a bobby pin to secure the Velcro roller. You can also use a curler clip instead. Some Velcro rollers do not need pins or curler clips. If this is what you have, just make sure the Velcro rollers are secure.
  • Repeat steps 4 to 6. Work your way around the top of the head first. Then go down to the next section. Finish when all your hair is in rollers. Make sure your hair is smooth as you roll them around the Velcro rollers and that the rollers are secure.
  • Allow your hair to dry completely while in rollers. You can choose to dry your hair using the medium heat setting of your blow dryer. This will speed up the drying process. Wait 20 minutes before removing the rollers to cool your hair completely.
  • Unroll the Velcro rollers. Start with the ones at the base of your head. Make sure do this gently; do not yank or tug at the rollers. Pulling the Velcro rollers downwards will surely get your hair stuck in it and it will hurt.
  • Get a wide toothed comb or a paddle brush. Use this to style your waves. You can also use your fingers to style your hair. Use a finishing spray to set the waves.

Velcro rollers are a girl’s best friend. These cylindrical plastic rollers can turn the limpest hair into an explosion of waves and curls. If you have fine limp hair that needs some curls or simply want to add more volume to your hair for the day, Velcro rollers will do the job for you.


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