How To Wash Synthetic Hair Pieces

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If you've invested in a synthetic hair piece (otherwise known as a wig), it will definitely be important that you know of the ways to best care for it. This would help extend its life and would therefore result in you getting the best value for your money. Here are some of the most important things to remember if you're looking to find out how to wash your synthetic hair piece: 

  • Know of general care strategies for your synthetic hair piece. First of all, it's important that you store your wig and to wear it properly so that you won't have a hard time cleaning it. It's best to store it on a wig stand so that it would keep its shape; also make sure that you keep it away from the elements (such as dust and dirt) so that your wig doesn't absorb them. Also, as much as possible make sure that your own hair is clean (and not sweaty) when you put on your wig; this will keep your wig clean as well. And please, don't lend your wig, unless you're absolutely sure about the good hygiene of the person you're lending it to!
  • Know when to wash your wig. If you wear your wig everyday, you would have to clean it about once a week. Generally, you'd have to clean your hairpiece after six to twelve wears.
  • Remove all tangles. Right before you wash your wig, use a straight comb to untangle the strands. Comb the hair the normal way. If your wig is curly, however, you should use a wide-toothed comb for this step in order to prevent hair breakage. 
  • Use lukewarm water. Remember: never, ever use hot water on your wig as this could damage fibers and hair strands. Test the water on your wrist to see if the temperature is just right. Place the water in a basin.
  • Know what shampoo to use. Some experts say that you should use only specially-formulated wig shampoo on your synthetic hairpiece if your wig is not made out of human hair. However, other experts believe that you may use regular shampoo as long as you choose a mild formulation. If you want to be extra cautious, perhaps it's best that you use wig shampoo to clean your hairpiece.
  • Pour in the shampoo on the basin of lukewarm water. Mix the shampoo in with your hand so that the shampoo will combine well with the water. If you're using a wig shampoo, carefully follow the manufacturer's specifications  about the amount that you will use; if you are using regular shampoo, use about two teaspoons of the shampoo. Use a small container to gently pour the mixture on the wig. Work the shampoo throughout the strands of the wig carefully. Afterwards, rinse well with lukewarm water.
  • Use conditioner. Do step 6 again, but this time use conditioner. Rinse off the conditioner thoroughly but gently.
  • Dry the wig. To dry your hairpiece, simply use a clean towel and blot it dry. Never wring the wig, as it could easily lose its shape that way. You should also never use blowdryer on your wig. You could leave it someplace that is dry and breezy, but never in direct sunlight. Once the wig is thoroughly dried, untangle the hair on the wig again using an appropriate comb.  And remember never to comb your wig when it is still wet

Remember, your wig must have cost you good money, and you should definitely aim to get your money's worth by making sure your wig will last a long time.


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